Tuesday, 8 September 2015

VeganMoFo 2015 #8: Kimmy from Rock Your Vegan Socks

8. Reach out! Make a new vegan friend & tell us about it.

MoFo is such a great time, and does such a great job of bringing people together. As well as introducing new bloggers, it also lets you get to know blogs you have been following better as well. Commenting on MoFo blogs is a great way of getting to know people.

I have been following Kimmy's blog Rock Your Vegan Socks for a few months after reading a post she did on Gena Hemshaw's blog. Kimmy is a holistic nutritionist and fitness instructor, who came to veganism through struggles with her own health. I love her blog because it has a lot of great food on it, fun adventures, and but she also shares her own journey and thoughts in a very accessible manner. A recent post of hers on some issues she was struggling with ended up really helping me with my own issues. Kimmy runs the Healthy Vegan Fridays, where bloggers from all over submit and share delicious, healthy and beautiful vegan food. Kimmy also has a super cute dog named Sunny, and she loves greens and chocolate... sometimes at the same time.

Since the beginning of MoFo, Kimmy and I have been having fun reading and commenting on each others posts, and Kimmy asked if she could ask me some questions for the day 8 challenge, and kindly agreed to also answer some questions for my post today. Her blog already covers a lot of information about her (see the links above), so let's find out some random fun facts!

1) What is your favourite green vegetable?
Kale! I love how versatile it is. It makes a great green smoothie, an abundantly awesome salad, drool worthy chips and can give a good texture to any pasta or stirfry.

2) What is Sunny doing right now? Do you have favourite activities you do together?
Sunny is curled on my lap having a nice mid-morning snooze. She is my best friend and I take her everywhere I possibly can, but our favourite way to spend time together is walking or hiking. She adores being outside, like me :)

3) Dark, 'milk' or white chocolate?

4) What movie can you watch again and again?
Oh there are many I'm sure, but the one coming to mind right now is 50 First Dates. It has an amazing cast, phenomenal soundtrack and is just plain cute.

5) What would be your ultimate meal?
Any sort of bowl really. I like a good meal to include grains, veggies and beans or tofu/tempeh. My favourite combo is currently a burrito bowl.

6) How would you spend your perfect morning?
Waking up at the crack of dawn, going for a long run followed by taking Sunny for a good walk. I would want to hit up the farmer's market and have a really good breakfast (like muffins or pancakes or a good tofu scramble). Then just sitting and reading.

7) Is there a particular restaurant you dream of visiting one day?
I'm not sure of a specific restaurant, but I really want to check out the amazeballs vegan eats in New York City :)

8) What was one of the first things you loved to make after you went vegan?
BBQ veggie burgers with BBQ veggie stirfry. Mmmmm.

In honour of my new blogging buddy, I made a recipe off her blog. I have been eating some pretty silly things getting them ready for MoFo posts, and have also spent the last couple of days eating a lot of peanut butter on toast because of a head cold, so I was craving something that was healthy, yummy and pretty. This BBQ Baked Tempeh & Cilantro Lime Rice Bowl, with lots of roasted vegetables, sounded like just the thing!

BBQ Tempeh and Cilantro Rice Bowl

My rice didn't turn out quite as pretty and green as hers, but it was still lovely! I used brown basmati rice and cooked it in the rice cooker using 2 cups of water based on packet directions. My BBQ sauce was initially quite salty, but I think that was because I subbed Braggs for coconut aminos and I looked that up on the internet today and apparently Braggs is quite salty, and I had foolishly added some extra salt without tasting first. I had already added the molasses to sweeten, but I added a couple of glugs of maple syrup and a sploosh of water to counteract the salt and it was all good. My block of tempeh was 300g rather than 250g, so I used AU tablespoons (20 rather than 15mL) to make up for the extra quantity of tempeh (and used heaped spoons for the rest of the ingredients). I used a teeny splish of liquid smoke because I have a new one and it is really strong, but I also used smoked paprika as well. The tempeh was just lovely and juicy! I used Kimmy's suggested roasted vegetables of broccoli and sweet potato. All up this was a lovely dinner, really nicely balanced flavours. I would recommend!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post: Month of Gizmo

Gizmo's 13th Birthday

Gizmo was a beautiful cat loaf when she wanted to be. In this photo she was loafing it up on her 13th birthday.


  1. I loved reading this interview with Kimmy! Kimmy is one of my favourite bloggers too, I love reading her blog :D
    And I love that photo of Gizmo "loafing it up" haha, never heard that term before, that is too cute :)

  2. Great idea to make a recipe from Kimmy's blog! And Gizmo is so cute as a loaf kitty! :)

  3. Fun!! And that Kimmy recipe looks delicious. I've been eating so much this past weekend with the holiday and could really go for a healthy bowl like that!

  4. This was a really lovely post! So nice! I'll be checking out Kimmy's blog

  5. Interviewing each other is such a great way to do today's post. I've not come across Kimmy's blog before so I'm off for a read now.

  6. Kimmy IS awesome! That's for sure!!!
    Happy Vegan MoFo!

  7. Awwww. You are such a sweet girl. This was such a nice write up, I love it and am very touched =)
    Thank you for being so awesome! I hope one day we can meet in person.
    I look forward to getting to know each other more over time through our blogs =)

  8. Fun questionnaire! You wanted to be a horse vet! I love horses, but I can see why cats won in the end. I wish my perfect morning was as active as Kim's! My mornings consist of a bit of grunting and involuntary face-scrunching until I manage to stumble into the kitchen to eat my breakfast.

    Beautiful cat loaf! :)

  9. what a great post! I just today found kimmy's IG account and started following her, what a fun coincidence. It's so fun to make so many new friends through the mofo community! <3