Friday, 4 September 2015

VeganMoFo 2015 #4: Vegemite and peanut butter

4: Tell us about a weird food combo that you love.

To be honest all of my favourite food combos are pretty mainstream. Cherry and chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate, banana and peanut butter, mac and cheese with BBQ things and greens... nothing that anyone would be weirded out by. Some people are confused by my love of Vegemite and avocado, but that is a nationally registered and acceptable combination. Vegemite has an advertisement about it, so it is true. But I did want to share an unusual combination (that is the brief after all), so I settled on one that I enjoy, rather than love, it will have to do.

When I first heard about eating Vegemite and peanut butter together I was somewhat appalled. There is just no way that that could taste good, right? I love Vegemite and I love peanut butter... but together? Curiosity won out and I tried it, and it is actually pretty good. I liked it! It is not exactly the prettiest combination, as witnessed here on this piece of bread....

Vegemite and PB toast

Mmmmm.... looks.... kind of... ewwww? But tastes pretty great! In the spirit of MoFo I wanted to explore this flavour combination more, and I knew just the thing. There is a recipe in 500 Vegan Recipes for Peanut Butter and Marmite Savory Cookies that I had been eyeing off for some time, and what better reason to finally try them out? Of course being the good Australian that I am, I made this with Vegemite. Marmite is for weaklings, what even is that stuff? A pale attempt at Vegemite, that is what it is. Marmite wishes it was as awesome as Vegemite!

As well as peanut butter and Vegemite, the cookies also have some cumin added. They are based on spelt flour, so feel the virtue! I made a half batch of these and got 8 cookies plus a little funny one from left over scraps (you roll and cut the cookies). I really enjoyed the flavour. The Vegemite was mellowed out (so if you used Marmite I can imagine the flavour might be lost all together?) and the peanut butter just provided a nice, creamy backdrop. The cumin was not too strong, and just added a nice little extra something to it.

Peanut Butter and Marmite Savory Cookies

I served these for lunch one day alongside the Tomato Basil Bisque from The Abundance Diet. I'll be talking more about this book during the upcoming month.

Tomato Bisque with PB and Marmite Cookies

To be honest, I am of the opinion that peanut butter goes with everything! Except for butter/margarine, I don't like that. But everyone else I have spoken to says that they do like it with that, so I guess I am just the odd one out there and peanut butter does actually go with everything! You name it, I'll try it! As long as it is vegan, of course.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post: Month of Gizmo

Gizmo on the parent's bed

She loved sitting in this cushion on my parents' bed, I think she thought it was made just for her!


  1. what a great post! ha ha - very well written! I have a confession: I have never tried Vegemite. A long time ago, someone gave me a jar of it, but I was sort of scared of it, never opened it, and threw it out years later. Sigh. Now I am still somewhat skeptical, but curious. I agree that peanut butter goes with almost anything (almost...). On that subject, you'll enjoy my post tomorrow. :)

  2. I'm intruiged by those cookies! I love the sound of them. We tend to buy an organic yeast extract thing. It's more expensive but is much lower in salt which my partner has to watch in his diet. I love it combined with peanut butter on toast too. I have a friend who also swears by spreading marmite on the outside of Linda McCartney sausages before baking them!

  3. I know! I tell my partner -who didn't grow up on the mighty vegemite- that marmite pales in comparison and he keeps telling me I'm being ridiculous and they're the same thing different label. I even bought a bottle of marmite to prove the viscosity and everything is not the same! The marmite languishes in the cupboard. My point was not taken seriously. Those biscuits are curious but you have me sold on them, peanut butter does go with nearly anything!

  4. I think I'm going to be a lone voice on this one, but Marmite totally wins over Vegemite - though I'd be happy to eat either in those cookies. Such a good idea.

  5. This quite an interesting combo. I've never had vegemite but am curious to try it. And I mean... all things go with peanut butter, right?

  6. Like I wrote to Bianca, I find that combination pretty weird! =)

  7. Peanut butter with marg is a clash of butteriness. It doesn't work. Peanut butter with coconut butter, on the other hand... mmmm fatty goodness. :)

  8. Me too! My tastes are pretty boring and what you might call normal. This was one of the Vegan MoFo prompts that I had absolutely no idea how to do! But you did it well because that is a pretty weird combo! :D

    The savory cookies look interesting and you made them so perfectly round. I am too lazy to make round cookies and often end up cutting the dough into squares or rectangles so I won't have to gather and re-roll any dough. Yep. Lazy.

    Gizmo looks like she's on a fancy kitty throne there! She probably thought she was! :)