Monday, 28 September 2015

VeganMoFo 2015 #28: Team burrito!

28. Tacos VS Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue?

Today I stand bravely before you, risking the certain scorn of many of my brethren, and proudly declare that I am team burrito!

Okay, okay, okay. Calm down. Tacos are fine. I like tacos, I do! I mean, let us all reflect on the glory of the 'Vegans Heart Tacos' lunch buffet from VidaVeganCon...

Taco Buffet lunch - variation on all three options.

But sometimes I'll be eating a taco and I'll just think... I wish this was a burrito. Okay, I am taking cover now. But there is something about a satisfying chunk of filling all wrapped up in a big floury tortilla that just gets me that little bit more excited. Granted when I was growing up, tacos were in crispy shells and came out of a box, but even now with my new found taco appreciation, chances are I will still order the burrito.

I mean, the Westergram taco from VVC was great, but who can go past the MacNoCheeto Burrito from Homegrown Smoker in PDX?

Macnocheeto Burrito from Homegrown Smoker and Peach Iced tea from Native Bowl

Or this mammoth Bobcat Burrito from Bandidas in Vancouver...

Bobcat Baked Burrito (potatoes, onion, cabbage, pinto, Daiya, sour cream, guac) at Bandidas

I get so happy when I hear the words breakfast burrito. This amazing creation is from Smith & Daughters in Melbourne.

Breakfast Burrito at Smith & Daughters

To celebrate, I decided to make the Breakfast Burrito from Hearty Vegan Meals. This burrito has a filling of potato and scrambled tofu, mixed up with a great sauce that include fire roasted tomatoes, HP sauce, peanut butter and ginger. The recipe just says to add avocado to the wrap, but I also added some baby spinach and nooch. Yum!
Rating: :)

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

I have to admit that I am having a bit of fun in this post, but really I think that tacos and burritos are both excellent foods, and to be honest my feelings on the topic are not that strong. Though I do prefer burritos, but I hope my taco friends will still find it in their hearts to love me anyway.

I will definitely admit that tacos are much more photogenic than burritos!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post: Month of Gizmo

Gizmo under the Christmas Tree 2011

Gizmo sitting under the Christmas tree. If only I could wish very hard and find her under there this year.


  1. Christmas Gizmo!!! I'm with you, team burrito all the way.

  2. I find your last burrito picture is pretty photogenic, congrats!
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to grow up in a family where tacos were crispy and came out of a box... maybe it was like that "all over the world", except at the obvious places?

    Breakfast burritos are the best, but I usually don't want to wait that long for breakfast... I should prep everything ahead of time... it'd make terrific breakfasts.

  3. Doing today's post has actually given me a new found love for the taco which surprised me. I love a breakfast burrito though with scrambled tofu. Yours looks especially good.

  4. Taco just wins it for me, although I do like a good burrito too!

  5. I'm with you, although I love tacos, I just love burritos more! I hope you find Gizmo under your tree too this year!

  6. Everything looks AMAZING! I totally want one of everything RIGHT NOW!

  7. "and proudly declare that I am team burrito!"
    I stand united with you!!! It's all about burritos. Growing up, I also had the pleasure of hard tacos out of a box haha ;p Or Taco Bell (not sure if you have that where you are - it's not great).
    The breakfast burrito you made sounds delicious and looks tasty. The sauce sounds a little strange, but I would definitely try it!
    And yes, the taco bar at VVC was AMAZING! =)

  8. yes! I was so delighted to see how many people stood up for their burrito loving rights! The taco is having its moment, no doubt about it, but the burrito will rise again!