Saturday, 19 September 2015

VeganMoFo 2015 #19: Inside my lunch box.

19. Lunch on the go.

Another post, much like the breakfast post, where everyone will be sharing all their fancy amazing lunch on the go ideas. And I am going to show you inside my boring, every day at work lunch box. Though, to be fair, my lunch box is pretty cool.

Lunch Box

Sadly I have been unable to locate a Gen 1 MLP insulated lunch box that is not a million dollars of the internet from overseas. However this one has served me nicely for several years.

A lot of my work days are 11 hours or so long (start at 8am and finish at 7pm), and there isn't a set time that I get to take as a lunch break. Although the clinic where I work has several places with vegan options not too far away, I always take a full lunch box because I can't guarantee that I can get out for lunch on any given day. Also, eating out gets very expensive, so even on the quiet days I tend to eat my packed lunch anyway.

I have a couple of essentials that are always in my lunch box. Firstly, my super cute kitty water bottle. I bring this in an effort to drink water and stay hydrated, though I am really bad at this and often don't. I also take a small box of fresh vegetables, which is usually cucumber slices and those yummy Perino snacking tomatoes. I always have a banana, which I don't always eat but is very important as my pre-spey or pre-procedure snack, because you don't want to be going into a surgery and find yourself getting the hungers on in the middle of it! I also take some other fruit for the afternoon, over winter it tends to be a mandarin or some strawberries, and in summer often some blueberries and grapes. And some dates as well.

Lunch Box

For my mine lunch, I take leftovers that I reheat in the microwave at work. These can vary a lot, because as you know I almost never make the same recipe twice! Though sometimes if a recipe makes a lot I might have a couple of similar lunches. I always put some baby spinach underneath whatever the leftovers are for an extra greens boost, and will often add some frozen peas as well. I pack my lunch box up every morning.

Lunch Box

That baggie in there that you can see is some jerky that I brought back from the US. I always make sure I have an emergency extra snack, and I also generally have an emergency snack bar in my bag as well. I don't like to take the risk of getting hungry! I also have a stash of handy staples at work. These include peanut butter (excellent to add to the banana for my pre-procedure snack), peppermint tea (work actually provides peppermint tea for me, but I keep an emergency stash in case we are out), 90 second oats, and of course nutritional yeast to sprinkle liberally over my lunches! Work also has gingernuts, and while they aren't at the moment they are generally an accidentally vegan brand. Just in case things get dire!

Lunch Box

I generally eat lunch at the desk in hospital. And I generally give it a good noochy topping. There are no leftovers that don't go well with nooch.

Lunch at work

So that is generally how I pack my lunch to go to work. Sometimes if I have baked I might have a special little goodie in there, but generally speaking I try and keep it pretty high in fruit and vegetables as far as snacks go.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's fancy lunches on the go! But hopefully some will share their every day lunch boxes as well. :)

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post: Month of Gizmo


Poor Gizmo had kidney issues, so that little shaved patch there was because she had a kidney ultrasound. However, even with some squares shaved out of her fur, she wasn't fazed. She was such a sweet and accepting little girl.


  1. Your everyday lunch sounds quite spectacular to me with all those snacks. When I brought lunch at work (I work from home now), I would bring a fruit or two, but never raw veggies. I guess I was too lazy to chop them, but that would have been a good habit to get into.

    That jerky is my favorite!

  2. Your lunch box is SO CUTE!!! =D So are your lunches actually. I love the sound of your lunches. It's great that you make sure you have extra snacks instead of relying on take out. Much more budget friendly =)
    You really do pile on the nooch ;p

  3. Poor little Gizmo! I almost never pack lunch, so when I do, it feels kinda special and fun. I love how many healthy snacks and goodies you include for yourself. Well done!

  4. I love a well organised packed lunch! I don't work as long a day but I only take half an hour for lunch so I try to avoid leaving the building. Soup or leftovers are my go to lunches and I also like to have fruit. My desk drawer usually has a few emergency snack bars and I also have a box of chocolate covered coffee beans in there for when I need an extra boost!

  5. What a cute lunchbox and water bottle! I imagine you wouldn't want to get the hungers in the middle of surgery! Like the Doctor says, always bring a banana to a party... or surgery! :)

    Poor Gizmo! She still looked fabulous with that shaved patch there.

  6. Hello,

    I'm so sorry. Please, please keep safe. I think frozen vegetables, such as peas, are supposed to always be cooked fully at properly high temperatures due to risk of food poisoning otherwise. I think the companies generally do not mean for the vegetables to be safe to consume without thorough cooking first in case of any bacterial contamination.

    I'm so, so sorry. I don't want to harm you, and I don't know what's worse. I think I read something on your blog a long time ago that you were taking frozen vegetables to work for lunch--it might've been this post. And I'm not sure they'd get cooked enough, and I'm so so sorry. (Also I'm sorry--I didn't re-read this post now, and I haven't read your blog recently either. I feel too confused, I'm sorry. And there might be other things than the vegetables, that I'm missing or forgetting.)

    Also please keep safe away from me in other ways, as I am not a very good person to be around. I'm sorry, I don't want to cause you more harm.

    Please take care. I wish I could send all good wishes.