Friday, 18 November 2016

VeganMoFo 2016 #18: Black and White

18th: Greyscale – Can you make your food look like a photo taken with a black and white camera? Or take a photo in black and white that looks great.

Oh, grey scale food. Why you so mean to me? I had all sorts of fun ideas, though I started to falter when both my black rice and my black beans were really a bit too brown once cooked. Then I thought I would make some awesome sushi, with black nori and white sushi rice and something else black on the inside... but I didn't have energy. Then I thought I would make black and white sushi bowls... Then I thought I could make bowls of sushi rice with black sesame seeds. Then I remembered I was going to make an overnight oats recipe that needed yoghurt and chia seeds, and I have black chia seeds, and that seemed good enough.

My apologies for this extremely poor offering for this MoFo prompt.

Black and White

Hmmm... those chia seeds look a bit brown in places. Sigh.

Here it is again, with a black and white filter.

Black and White

What is your favourite black or white food?

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


I don't even know how we took this photo of Max, my second childhood kitty. He is playing under the sofa. Did we lift up the sofa to take this? Who knows. But however it happened, it was worth it. So cute.


  1. I love your simplicity of the photo - if you hadn't shown the black and white comparison I would think this was as good as it got. I've recently bought black tahini which would be great in this challenge

  2. Looks pretty good to me; it definitely was a tough prompt!
    Such big claws! :)

  3. Black chia is a good one! All I could think of was marmite. Ha :)

    1. Vegemite definitely counts! Vegemite and white bread?

  4. "My apologies for this extremely poor offering for this MoFo prompt."
    No apologies during MoFo! That's going to be my motto next year. It's a huge challenge and we should pat ourselves on the back for getting through it.
    This is an excellent black and white post. I "cheated" by using black and white pics ;)