Sunday, 13 November 2016

VeganMoFo 2016 #13: Always bring a banana to a party!

13th: Feed the Alien – An alien lands on your doorstep. What are they going to eat?

There is only one alien that I want to land on my doorstep, and that is a certain time lord. To be more specific, a Doctor of the tenth variety. Yes, he makes me swoon and my heart go pitter pat. However, I am not one for running off in the Tardis for adventures across of space and time. I have cats that I must spend all my time with, and also I like to sit on the sofa and watch TV shows. And if there is one thing that the 10th Doctor recommends, it is that you should always bring a banana to a party. Thankfully, we always have bananas in the house, so we can party at home!


The good thing about bananas is that you can do heaps of things with them. Cupcakes, cream pies, cobbler, smoothies, pancakes, waffles, frozen and dipped in chocolate, frozen banana blends, bread, muffins, bars... The Doctor and I can have quite the party!

Peanut Butter and Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Buttercream

Bananarama Breakfast

Banana Pudding Pie

Banana Bread Cobbler

Banana with Vegan Chocolate, peanuts and cinnamon from Bananarchy.

Banana Breakfast Bars

Banana Pancakes at Bed & Broccoli

What is your favourite thing to do with banana?

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Possum's 17th Birthday

The last Possum photo I showed you was when he was a tiny kitten, asleep on top of me. He grew into the most handsome tabby man there ever was.


  1. Yes! Wouldn't it be great if at the next regeneration the Doctor became David Tennant again? And then he could figure out how to give Donna her memories back safely and they could be the best TV duo that ever was again. *sigh*

    Possum! <3

    1. Oh my gosh, that sounds perfect. I think you need to take over Doctor Who immediately.

  2. Yes! I'd be very glad to have that alien over for dinner. And I like all of River's ideas about the Doctor regenerating into David Tennant again and pairing up with Donna. She's still my favorite companion.

    1. Donna is amazing! My favourite companion forever. I am still crushed by her fate.

  3. Oh the Tenth <33
    Banana smoothie with caramel and cinnamon was my childhood favorite! And that pudding pie looks wonderful. Did you make it??

    1. That sounds like a delicious smoothie!
      I made the pudding pie, the recipe is from Vegan Diner.

  4. Ah so many banana things! I really want that cupcake. If you could just send it on over through the internets, that would be great ;)
    I think any alien would be lucky to land at your place haha.
    I'm not sure I have a favourite banana thing as I use them in so many things, but maybe chocolate overnight oats? Seems so boring after the magical cupcake though.

    1. I like banana in oats!
      I don't mind eating bananas on their own, but it almost seems shame when there are so many magical things you can make out of them!

  5. haha... I have lots of bananas that are super ripe and I have been thinking about making something super banana-y. Maybe I will get off my butt and make some banana bread