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Recipe Round-Up: 350 Best Vegan Recipes

Hello and welcome to THE START OF THE ALPHABET AGAIN! You might not notice, but I generally do my recipe round-ups by working through my books in alphabetical order, based on how their folders are saved on my computer. So here we are, a fresh go around! Do you know that I have almost 150 damn cookbooks? So working at once post a week, it would take almost three years to get through it, and that is not even sharing all the photos I have taken for some of them. So I am good for blog material forever, basically.

Anyway, 350 Best Vegan Recipes by Deb Roussou. This is a misnomer, as they are definitely not the best recipes. I don't remember when I bought this book, but it took me a while to be inspired to make anything from it. But I have been trying to make stuff from it, and some of it has been good. Some of it has been meh. Honestly, this isn't a book I'd recommend. But as I have it, I am making the best use of it. I have only posted about a couple of recipes from it before, which you can see here, but this is the first round-up from it.

Light Savoury Baked Tofu with Parsley, Lemon, and Potato Risotto: I love a baked tofu, but this one needed more salt. The tofu is marinated in a mix of water, white wine, stock powder, and a home-made sage seasoning blend. The blend is a nice little mix, but has no salt in it, so didn't add much more than a hint to the marinade. I also had to bake the tofu for higher and longer to get it nice and firm. I served it with a Parsley, Lemon, and Potato Risotto, which also was a fairly bland flavour. This risotto is not really a risotto, made with jasmine rice, and ended up being very soupy, I had to simmer it for a bit uncovered at the end of thicken it up a bit. So both were fine, but just a bit bland.
Rating: Tofu :|, Risotto :|

Light Savoury Baked Tofu; Parsley, Lemon, and Potato Risotto

Moroccan-Spiced Oatmeal: This had some good flavours, thanks to a mix of different spices and dried fruit. I made a half recipe, which made a decent breakfast, and I used a small drizzle of dark agave in place of a larger amount of brown rice syrup. This made it just sweet enough for me.
Rating: :)

Moroccan-Spiced Oatmeal

New Mexican Home-Fried Potatoes: Sadly, I don't have a cast-iron skillet, but I can still make a decent hash in my non-stick. No doubt it doesn't get quite as brown, but it is still tasty. This is a mix of potatoes (that have been pre-steamed and chopped), onions, some gross capsicum and chilles, and some seasoning. I left out the capsicum and chiles and added some peas instead. I chopped and then steamed my potatoes, which I think was a mistake as it was quite soft and smooshy, I think steaming and then chopping as said in the recipe would have firmer texture. I also didn't peel my potatoes, because who has time for that.
Rating: :)

New Mexican Home-Fried Potatoes

Chestnut and Cranberry Holiday Non-Stuffed Stuffing: I made a half batch of this to use up some chestnuts I had picked up from Daiso, and it also used some more of that Sage Seasoning Blend. This has a nice blend of onion, mushrooms, celery (it calls for stalks and root, I only had stalks so I added more of those), and cranberries. I didn't have quite enough bread, so it ended up a bit soggy. But it was still a fun mean, served with some sausages and gravy.
Rating: :)

Chestnut and Cranberry Holiday Non-Stuffed Stuffing

Baked Ginger-Lime Tofu with Caramelised Onions: I am sad to say that this was not good. The marinade itself was OK on the tofu, but as it reduces down to a sauce it became far to salty, sour, and just unpleasant. Also the ginger didn't really come through. The onions are caramelised in the oven, which was nice at least!
Rating: :( (behold, a rare sad face rating)

Baked Ginger-Lime Tofu with Caramelised Onions

Tofu Tikka Masala: I made a half recipe of this, which gave me a dinner and a lunch serving. It had a nice flavour, but is a recipe that takes a bit of time as tofu needs to be marinated. I left out the chile powder and thinned out the coconut milk with water, and had a very nice sauce, and I also added some peas. Served over a mix of brown basmati and quinoa.
Rating: :)

Tofu Tikka Masala

Roasted Potatoes and Tofu: This is a simple meal, but very tasty. Tofu and potatoes are literally roasted, I roasted a bit longer to get things really nice and toasty. But the magic comes from mixing them up with Caper and Pine Nut Vinaigrette. I only made a third of the recipe of the vinaigrette for the amount of potatoes and tofu, but it is wonderfully nice and tangy and went perfectly. I served it all over some baby spinach.
Rating: Potatoes and Tofu :), Vinaigrette :)

Roasted Potatoes and Tofu

Pad Thai with Crispy Tofu: This recipe calls for tamarind pulp to be soaked and strained, but I just used tamarind paste mixed with water for ease. It is blended up with cooked and cooled shallots, sugar, and lime into a paste (though it was more a sauce). This mix also called for soaked chiles, but obviously I left them out. Tofu is pressed and then fried until crispy, and then added into the noodles and sauce at the end. This had a nice flavour, but was a bit oily. I also used coriander instead of green onions for the garnish.
Rating: :)

Pad Thai with Crispy Tofu

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  1. I'm glad the roasted potatoes and tofu worked out, at least! But that does sound like a disappointing cookbook. I still love the idea of the savory baked tofu, though. I'm always looking for tofu recipes to go with a classic "meat-and-potatoes" style Western meal.

    1. Me too, I want to try every marinated savoury baked tofu recipe there is!

  2. Aww hi Dim Sim!! These recipes all look delicious, how sad that the recipes didn't taste as good as they looked. The New Mexican Home Fried Potatoes look the most appealing to me because... potatoes :) Too bad it was disappointing but I'm looking forward to seeing you review more of these books! I love reading your reviews and round ups! I have a few cookbooks I've been wanting to cook through too, you've inspired me!

    1. Well, good news, I have a million more round ups to come. ;)
      This is an interesting time because I have lots of time for menu planning and cooking, but not always a lot of availability for ingredients!

  3. That's too bad the cookbook didn't live up to its name. The roasted potatoes and tofu do sound nice, though!
    I love kitty stretches!

    1. I wish I could stretch like a cat, so satisfying!