Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Eating Out*: Grown

*Not at the moment. STAY HOME!

Last year a friend visited Brisbane from interstate, and we went out for brunch at Grown, one of my favourite vegan cafes. You can see some previous visits here.

I had their amazing Dark Hot Chocolate on soy milk, and my friend had an Almond Latte.

Dark Hot Chocolate and Almond Latte at Grown

My friend tried the avocado on toast, which came with homemade vegetmite and smoked sesame cheese.

Avocado Toast at Grown

I had my favourite, their silken tofu and mushroom scramble with a side of hash brown.The scramble also comes with a perfect piece of sourdough toast topped with smoked sesame cheese. This is so good, probably the best scramble I've ever had.

Scrambled Tofu with Hashbrown at Grown

During COVID, Grown is currently still open for takeaway only, and is offering both brunch and dinner hours.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Neighbourhood cat

Say hello to one of our neighbourhood kitties! This kitty enjoys hanging out in our yard, but normally takes off as soon as they see me. But the other day I was outside near the pool with Dim Sim on her harness, and they were very intrigued in my precious girl!


  1. Dim Sum has an admirer!

    Smoked sesame cheese sounds SO GOOD.

  2. I really need to try smoked sesame cheese! I tried to make it awhile ago, but I just winged it, and it wasn't that amazing. I need to find an excellent recipe!
    No wonder Dim Sim has an admirer!

    1. Yes! I remember you making it. There must be some really good recipes online somewhere.