Thursday, 23 April 2020

Midweek Munchies

Moooore munchies.... that I ate.... in the past... when things were happier.

But first, this sweet blue tongue lizard who kept coming into the catmax, and had to keep being relocated. Dim Sim is still interested in the occasional lizard hunt, though normally the much smaller little garden skinks rather than a chonky friend like this. But I'd hate for her to accidentally injure them through her curiosity.

Blue Tongue Friend

I had this super-ginger-turmeric-powered afternoon snack at work one day. Oh work, I remember you. The nuts are really tasty and quite filling, though you do end up with bright orange dust all over your fingers! But still, worth it. This is also my favourite kefir, which is super hard to find, so I always get one when I see it.

Ginger and Turmeric munchies

Here is some cheese tofu scramble with spinach, sauerkraut, and bacon bits.

Tofu Scramble with spinach, sauerkraut, bacon bits

And yet more scrambled tofu, this time with fried shallots, spinach, and bacon. I tend to use a whole 300g block of silken tofu in these scrambles, and I eat the whole thing.

Scrambled tofu with fried shallots, bacon bits, spinach

Back when berries were on special, and I could go to the shops to get them (I am very picky about berry quality, please I need to always make sure that they are not Driscoll because I have boycotted that brand), I enjoyed many raspberries and blackberries. It was a particularly excellent summer for blackberries.

Raspberries and Black Berries

I bought this Sweet Potato Powder on sale from Woolworths for funsies. I mostly used it in overnight oats. My first attempt, also pictured here, had peanut butter and sweet potato powder. I don't normally add sweetener to my overnight oats, but I learned from this that the powder does give it a certain taste that would like something a bit sweet. In future posts you will see my other experiments, I nailed it by the end of the packet.

Sweet Potato Powder

Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Oats

I am forever letdown by chip flavours not being as intense as I want them to be. Of course I had to get these miso mushroom chips, and of course they were not as strong as I wanted. The flavour was good when you first put it in your mouth, but very quickly vanished and then you were just eating corn chips.

Miso Mushroom Corn Chips

Finally, a sundae I made with So Delicious chocolate fudge ice cream, peanut butter, berries, and coconut flakes. This reminds me that I have at least six flavours of So Delicious ice cream in my freezer, so at least I can enjoy that in these times.

Sundae with So Delicious Chocolate Fudge ice cream, PB, berries, coconut flakes

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Neighbourhood cat

Back to the present. Our white and grey friend, after seeing Dim Sim sitting by the pool, wanted to get a closer look. So came around to the pool (and let me have a tiny head scritch as they walked by me, I've never been able to be close to them before!). Dim Sim is just out of frame at the bottom of the photo. When Dim Sim noticed her admirer, she was not impressed, and did a MROW and her tailw ent puffy and she stalked them away. NO OTHER CATS BUT ME, she says.


  1. The berries look SO GOOD! I miss being able to grab berries when I wanted them. (Or anything else, really!) Sorry your chips weren't all you hoped but the tofu scrambles look delightful. And ice cream covers over a multitude of sins.

    Funny that you have the cat approaching you now. It is testing you to see if it wants to adopt you as one of its humans, I suppose.

    1. I think they were more transfixed by Dim Sim's beautiful, and saw me as a way to get to her. ;)

  2. I've tried a few flavored corn chips, and the flavor is always so mild. I think it's tough to overpower the corn flavor!
    My girls can relate to Dim Sim! They hate that I feed and talk to outside kitties!

    1. Chip flavourings are just so hard to get to the right level of intensity! I don't mind corn chips themselves, but really wish for more miso mushroom because what I got was good.

  3. Ooooh it all looks so good but I have to agree that those berries are calling my name! I've been craving fruit so much. I can't wait for melon and pineapple, yum!

    1. We are heading into cooler months here, so not so much with the fun fruits. Though soon strawberries will be at their best. But I have been enjoying apples and mandarins and yellow kiwis and persimmons!

  4. The visiting lizard is so cute! Those berries look amazing, and hooray for ice cream! Admirer kitty sounds sweet, too bad Dim Sim isn't a fan!

    1. I love seeing blue tongues around here. But just not near my cat.