Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Cruelty Free Shop April 2020 Vegan Mystery Box

The penultimate box of my six month Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box subscription. I love the word penultimate, don't you?

April 2020 Vegan Mystery Box

  • Melinda's Pancake & Waffle Mix: This is a gluten free (eh) mix that you just need to dd two 'eggs' and milk to. The vegan option they give on the box to replace the eggs is bananas, so you could do that for some banana pancakes, but I will probably do flax eggs.
  • So Free Easter Bunny Bar: I gave this to my parents for Easter, as I am not a huge fan of this milky type of chocolate.
  • Vego Almond Bliss White Chocolate Bar: I also gave this to my parents, as white chocolate is an abomination!
  • Sweet William Chocolate Chips: Ehhhh.... I really am not a fan of this brand of 'chocolate'... if you read the ingredients it is full of soy flour, so is not chocolate by my definition. But I'll use this in baking.
  • Body Science Plant Protein Bar - Choc Lamingtion: Always a fan of a snack bar! And while this has coconut in it, it does not have coconut oil, so we are good.
  • Live Chef Easy Meal Kit - Mexican: I approach this with caution. While it has chiles on the packaging, the ingredients don't list any chili in it. They do list 'spice and flavour' and one point, hence the caution. I have some plans to make a tortilla casserole with this and some refried beans.
  • Qwerkee Jerkee Black Pepper: I've tried a couple of other flavours of this brand before, and not a huge fan of the texture, but the flavours were OK. So I hope this is nice and peppery for a snack.
  • Nature's Charm Coconut Caramel Sauce: Also gave this to my parents, as it is full of coconut and also I don't like caramel.

So, a kind of meh for me box. But my parents got some nice stuff out of it! They are the only people I see at the moment!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim SIm feetsies

Dim Sim feetsies.


  1. If your parents have tastes like mine, I'm sure they were very happy!

    1. I think my tastes are unusual from what I understand!

  2. I love the word penultimate too. I always enjoy saying it.

  3. That's a shame this box wasn't more exciting for you, but I'm sure your parents appreciated the goodies you gave them!
    I see toe beans!

    1. I love her little beans.
      And yes, even if a box isn't to my preference, there are always people I can find to enjoy the things!