Saturday, 18 April 2020

Eating Out*: Netherworld

*Obviously these eating out posts are from times past. As currently I am not eating out at all. None of us are.

I have a friend who has her birthday between Christmas and New Years, and we have had a little tradition of going to Netherworld for lunch to celebrate. (You can see my previous posts about Netherworld here.) This last birthday was no different. What was different, however, as that they had decided to limit their menu for the holidays, so we weren't able to get exactly what we had planned. But still some very good food.

The birthday girl got her favourite, the Mimic Mac & Cheese.

Mimic Mac & Cheese at Netherworld Arcade

Her partner ordered the Burgatory (a cheese burger with onion rings), a staple of Netherworld, with some fries.

Burgatory at Netherworld Arcade

I tried The Phoenix - a burger with Southern fried vegan chicken w/ cheese, hash brown, mayo, lettuce and tomato. This burger was precariously assembled! But it tasted good.

The Phoenix at Netherworld Arcade
I also ordered some Lycan Loaded Fries for us to share. These are essentially burger fries, with mince, cheese, special sauce, shredded lettuce, onion, pickles & sesame seeds

Lycan Loaded Fries at Netherworld Arcade

ALL THE FOODS! What even is eating out if you don't take a flattish-lay for Instagram?

All The Foods at Netherworld Arcade

I was also able to sneak into Netherworld for a weekday lunch once, and finally got to try the Reuben Dog my heart desired. It had sausage, sauerkraut, pickles, onion (which I forgot to ask them to leave off), Dijon mustard, cheese and Russian dressing. Served with some fries and some slaw, it was a great lunch.

Reuben Dog with a side of fries and slaw at Netherworld Arcade

I didn't play any games when I was there for these visit. But I was super sad to see that the Jurassic Park pinball machine was gone from its spot. I knew that a new version of it had come out, so was wondering if maybe they were replacing it. But then, on my way to the bathroom, I passed this beautiful scene. THEY HAVE BOTH!

Jurassic Park Pinball at Netherworld Arcade

At present, Netherworld is currently closed due to the pandemic. I really hope that they re-open when all this is done.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Dim Sim, surveying the back yard from her cushion perch.


  1. Those fries! I have never seen anything like that but now I must have them!

    1. They were so good! I need to recreate them at home.

  2. Wow, all of this looks amazing! It looks like an ideal birthday spot.

    1. It is such a fun spot for any occasion!

  3. All the food from Netherworld looks so fun! Dim Sim has such a cute pose!

  4. OMG!!!! It all looks so good! Those burgers and the fries, yummmm. Definitely a great birthday spot. Sweet Dim Sim, the cutest supervisor!

    1. Keeping an eye on the neighbourhood... I don't know what. Birds? Insects? Blades of grass? She was very intent on whatever she was looking at.