Thursday, 16 April 2020

Midweek Munchies

Thank goodness for easy munchies these days, am I right? Well, these munchies were from some time ago... last year in fact (I am behind in sharing my munchies), when things were easy. Oh, except for the fact that Australia was on fire for a while. Remember that? It seems like a lifetime ago, but actually just a few months since we had some of the worst, most devestating and terrifying bushfires in history.

Thankfully I was safe throughout, except for my asthma flaring up from smoky skies. But here is a photo of a sunset at that time. My camera didn't catch the stunningness of the true colours, but it still quite striking.

Bush Fire Sunset

But back to food. Happy food. Safe food.

Like this Pear, Avocado, and Rocket smoothie I made from the Delightful Vegans blog. I used spinach instead of rocket, and used coconut water for the liquid. It was so sweet and refreshing.

Pear, Avocado, and (Rocket) Green Smoothie

I love a microwave baked potato topped with scramble. For a change I used a sweet potato this time, topped with silken tofu scramble, some leftover Rutabaga Fondue sauce (from a recipe from Vegan Mac and Cheese), some spinach, ketchup, and avocado.

Sweet Potato, JA Scramble, Rutubaga Fondue Sauce, ketchup, avocado

My work Christmas part last year was at mini-golf bar Holey Moley. It was a catered affair, with pizza provided. And they have vegan pizza! You could tell it was vegan because it has a pink beetroot base (sure), and it was really just pizza sauce, basil, and a whole lot of vegan cheese (thankfully not a coconut oil based one!). But it was really good and they supplied a whole pizza per person and I enjoyed it.

Vegan Pizza at Holey Moley Mini Golf

A while ago I tried all these flavours of VegeChips. They were just OK, the flavours weren't strong enough for me. The Vege Twists were probably the best.

New Vege Chips Flavours

We had a presentation at work about a new cat food, and they brought us lunch from Botanica. Botanica is all vegetarian, with several vegan options. I got my own box full of all the vegan salads they had that day. Very yum.

Vegan Salads from Botanica

I think I mentioned that my beloved Fenn Smoked Sesame Cheese was discontinued. I cried, because I loved it so much. But, they said, don't be sad, we are working to get it into supermarkets. Yay! And so it is, with Made With Plants sesame cheese. They have original, herbed, and of course smoked. It is still good, but it is not as good. The change from small batch to mass produced saw the actual smoking of the sesame seeds replaced with tahini and liquid smoke, and it is much runnier than it used to be. So I am still glad to get it and eat it, but it isn't what it used to be.

Made With Plants Sesame Cheese from Woolworths

Finally, I had ventured into Aldi in search of vegan goodies. Australian Aldi sucks compared to overseas Aldi! I did find these burgers, which were actually pretty good. They were a veggie burger, but they weren't totally smooshy. You can see the whole grains of rice in them. Anyway, I enjoyed them and would buy them again.

Aldi Veggie Burgers

I tried out this Wise Bunny Blueberry Cashew Yoghurt. A bit sweet, but it was nice. I really like nut-based yoghurts. Way better than coconut based.

Wise Bunny Cashew Blueberry Yoghurt

I mentioned in yesterday's Mystery Box post about the Querkee Jerky. I bought this at the Vegan Fest and was super excited to try it. And while the flavour is good, the texture is kind of dry and dusty.

Querkee Jerky

And finally, a product I like to use. I love Fry's, and they make these amazing chicken style stir-fry strips that you used to get in the supermarkets in green boxes. Unfortunately the supermarkets all switched to the 'healthier' white box Fry's (though now you can get green box ones in other places, relief), and some of the products were just not as good. But happy to report that these stir-fry strips are quite lovely. They are seasoned, so not quite as versatile as the green box ones, but good to have on hand. While they are based on rice protein and quinoa, they still have wheat in them so are not gluten free.

Fry's White Box Stir-Fry Strips

I hope you are staying well!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Look at my tiny black bean!


  1. So many munchies! Sorry your sesame cheese isn't the same. But you've had some amazing food in the midst of a truly terrifying series of events! Wildfires used to come through where I grew up and they are really scary, but it wasn't anything on the scale of what we saw in Australia or California recently. I don't know how much more all of us can take, but it's probably better not to think about it and just focus on the safe things. Right now, food is safe and soothing.

    1. Focusing on the safe and soothing things are good. Food. Dim Sim.

  2. I love how bright and colorful your baked potato is, and the cashew yogurt sounds really nice!