Sunday, 8 December 2019

Recipe-Round Up: Veganize It

Veganize It is a great book by one of my favourite vegan cookbook authors, Robin Robertson. It is full of great recipes for veganising a lot of favourite dishes, and has a load of DIY basic recipes in it as well. You can see my previous posts about this book here.

Chickpea Flour Omelets with Shortcut Hollandaise: I made a half recipe of the chickpea omelets, and made two omelets in my small frying pan (one and a time). They worked perfectly, and were super easy to flip as well. They are seasoned with lots of spices, as well a having scallions and parsley in them. I served them with some sauteed spinach topped with the Shortcut Hollandaise recipe. This is based on mayo and lemon juice, but I found it was a bit too much like mayo and not enough like Hollandaise.
Rating: Omelets :), Hollandaise :|

Chickpea Flour Omelets with Shortcut Hollandaise

Cheesy Mushroom Scramble with Eggplant Bacon Strips: This scramble was very nice, and was filled with onions and mushrooms (I left out the capsicum), and includes both nutritional yeast and a homemade cheddary sauce to make it super cheesy. I served it with some eggplant bacon strips, which I struggled with in the oven. As you can see, they burnt in some places, but were still soft in others. I think eggplant bacon is an art that I must practice. But they tasted good. Also served with some potato waffles and steamed broccoli.
Rating: Scramble :), Eggplant Bacon :)

Cheesy Mushroom Scramble; Eggplant Bacon Strips

No-Meat Loaf with Great Brown Gravy: The loaf is based on mushrooms, walnuts, oats, sunflower seeds, rice, and lentils. It sounds like a lot, but is fairly simple. It also looks like it is a huge amount and will end up being too dry, but it came together well when mixed and fitted just right in my 9 x 5 inch loaf pan. I used the optional ketchup-based glaze as well, because you should always ketchup. As you can see, I sucked at getting it neatly out of the loaf pan, but it tasted very nice. Leftovers also made some lovely sandwich filling. The gravy was nice and savoury. As you have to blend it after cooking, I just chopped my onion rather than mincing it. It says it will make 2 1/2 cups, but I got about 2 cups from mine. Served with tater tots and kale.
Rating: Meat Loaf :), Gravy :)

No-Meat Loaf; Great Brown Gravy

Loaded Baked Potatoes: I used a half recipe with two big potatoes to serve two people alongside some broccoli. As is my preference, I cooked the potatoes first in the microwave to make this a fast recipe (they would have taken so long to bake in the oven), so they weren't as crunchy as they could have been even though they were finished in the oven. They are loaded with the scooped out and mashed potato flesh, cheddary sauce (I used some from another recipe I had leftover, or you can make the Cheddary Sauce from this book from scratch), coconut bacon bits (recipe in the book), sour cream (again there is a recipe in the book, but I used some I had leftover from something else), chives, and seasoning. They are topped with extra cheese sauce and bacon. These make a good light meal, but are not super filling. The coconut bacon is easy to make, though did soften up again a bit after baking. But very tasty. I decreased the amount of liquid smoke in it because mine is super strong.
Rating: Potatoes :), Coconut Bacon :)

Loaded Baked Potatoes

Breakfast Nachos: Breakfast Nachos just seem so much fun! In this recipe tofu is diced and then pan-fried with a bunch of spices and black beans. I didn't have any onions, so I used some scallions instead. The 'sauce' is a mix of tomatoes, coriander, lime, and avocado. I left out the jalapeno. It is topped with some Smokey Queso Sauce. The sauce is an easy blender sauce that includes cornstarch and is then thickened by heating. I used some tomato paste instead of pimentos, left out the chipotles, and added extra nutritional yeast.
Rating: Nachos :), Sauce :)

Breakfast Nachos

Tuesday Tacos with Avocado Crema: I am very proud of myself for making this on a Tuesday! It is a lovely combination of cabbage slaw, some tofu based Crispy Crumbles, and the Avocado Crema. The Crispy Crumble recipe is delicious! The perfect mix of spices on crumbled tofu, sprinkled and coated in cornstarch, and then baked. I found that I had to increase the temperature and bake for a bit longer to get the perfect texture, but so good. The Avocado Crema is another simple recipe in the book, with avocado (of course), coriander, lime, and seasonings. I needed to add a touch more salt. I made a half recipe of this, which was enough for one person to enjoy on several tacos.
Rating: Tacos :), Crumbles :D, Crema :)

Tuesday Tacos with Avocado Crema

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Milk bar is open

The Milk Bar is open! Petal is such a good mum, though she isn't afraid to pop them off and wander away when she's had enough and needs some Petal time.


  1. I love Robin Robertson! Vegan on the Cheap was the first vegan cookbook I ever owned, and I loved it so much. I'm sad it got lost along the way. When I first went vegan it seemed like all recipes I found were super complicated, or used super fancy expensive ingredients and kitchen tools. So I loved that book and it made me feel better about being on a tight budget.
    Best kitty picture ever!!!!

    1. She does great work with budget and pantry stuff, it is good that she is making sure veganism is affordable and reasonable for a lot of people.

  2. I still have so many recipes I need to try from Veganize It! The cheesy mushroom scramble sounds lovely, as do the loaded baked potatoes! What a sweet photo of Petal and her babies!

    1. I have a ton of recipes marked to make as well. It is such a good book.

  3. So many great breakfasts to choose from! I have got to get on the chickpea flour pancake/omelet/what-have-you bandwagon.

    1. Oh yes, I love the chickpea whatever so much. It is so easy and really you have so many options with mix ins and toppings.