Thursday, 12 December 2019

Midweek Munchies

Random food that I ate... or saw.

It is summer here, technically only for ten days now. But realistically it has been summer for months already. Hot hot hot. I hate it. So I have been making a lot of big salads for lunch, where I throw in any random stuff I have lying around. Like this one, with baby cos, sauerkraut, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cubed Daiya cheddar, bacon bits, and creamy balsamic dressing. I made the dressing my mixing some bottled balsamic dressing with some Vegenaise, inspired by The Student Turned Doctor.

Big Random Salad

Bagels! These rye and sunflower seed bagels are spread with avocado and the most delicious horseradish and beetroot pate, that I bought but forgot to photograph the bottle. But it is so good! For one of them, I tried out a bit of melted Sheese mozzarella. I haven't bought Sheese since it came out with the new coconut oil formula, but I found a bag on super sale. Alas, a bit too coconut fatty for me, so I gave the rest of the bag to a friend.

Rye and Sunflower Seed Bagel, avocado, Beetrood Horseradish pate, cucumber, sheese

I had a few left over pieces of fu - rounds of gluten - from a recipe I made from a Japanese cookbook. I needed to use them up, so I hit Google and found this recipe. Instead of the eggs, I used some FYH egg powder made up into eggs. I used gai lan as the green, and uses some soy sauce instead of the salted rice malt. I left out the bonito flakes. It was fun, and pretty tasty. Though the FYH/fu was a bit gluggy.

Fu Champuruu (Okinawan-Style Stir-Fry with Wheat Gluten Cakes)

McCain came out with some microwave chips, and I was sceptical but lured in by the idea of chips in a few minutes. The only type they had when I was there was the shoestring. Look, these tasted like they were microwaved. Simutaneously soggy but also dry. This experiment was a fail.

McCain Microwave Shoestring Fries

I didn't buy any of these, but I saw these varieties of vegan friendly quick oat cups in Woolworths. As someone who used to have similar to take for breakfasts when I used to work at conventions, vegan cup oats were so hard to find here. So it is nice to see some varieties for it you need them. They had some other flavours that were not vegan, so check to make sure you are getting a vegan one if you see them.

Vegan Oats and WW

Finally, the second flavour of the Well and Good Mac and Cheese that I tried. This one was... not great. It had a really weird taste to it, like some sort of chemical flavouring? I don't know, but my head and my tummy didn't love it. Also turned out super runny. The directions have you boil the macaroni in a milk and water mixture, and then add the flavour sachet to it. No draining step in between.

Well & Good Bacon Mac & Cheese

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


My sweet little Pansy.


  1. That is very soupy pasta! How strange. I hope your salad dressing worked out!

    1. It worked great, and I have used it several times for salads. Thank you for the tip!