Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Eating Out: French Tarts

I've posted about French Tarts once before, at the time bemoaning that I probably wouldn't be back to soon because the parking situation was terrible when I went. However, some time later I was driving past at a different time of day, and there happened to be a park right out the front. Who was I to say know to that delightful happenstance? Of course, I had to get a few things while I was there to make the most of my unexpected visit.

Like this Raspberry and Almond Tart. Sadly, they were out of Strawberry Custard Tarts, the key to my heart, but they had a few other tasties to choose from. This was lovely. And almond base with raspberries and almonds on top. It kind of just melted in your mouth.

Raspberry and Almond Tart from French Tarts

I love a good danish, and this Cherry Danish didn't disappoint.

Cherry Danish from French Tarts

And this pain au chocolat was legit. Lightly warmed with a cup of tea, it was such a good breakfast.

Pain au Chocolat from French Tarts

As I was leaving, I noticed they had a milkshake board up and they said they could do all flavours vegan. I almost didn't turn back to ask what sort of ice cream they used, so many places use coconut it is just not worth it, but I am so glad I did because they use soy ice cream! HURRAH! So I got a strawberry milkshake to go. Which you can't really see, because it is in this cute pink compostable takeaway cup.

Strawberry Soy Milkshake from French Tarts

Unfortunately, I almost never happen to be driving past here. But now I maybe have a better idea of when is a good time to stop by to get a decent park and pick up some goodies!

French Tarts - 198 Boundary Rd, Bardon

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Tulip and JJ

Tulip and Jed Junior, just hanging out being adorable.


  1. I am a sucker for a good milkshake! If you hadn't told us we'd just assume it was that shade of pink. I'm disappointed on your behalf that there were no strawberry custard tarts, but what you did get looks great.

    1. The shake colour pretty much did match the cup colour! I hope I can get some of those strawberry custard tarts next time.

  2. The raspberry almond tart is calling my name!! But honestly all the treats look amazing!
    Tulip and Jed Jr. are totally stealing my heart!

  3. Everything looks so good; I could totally go for the Cherry Danish right now, though! Sweet kitties!

    1. The danishes were so good. I love a good danish, the pasty just makes me very happy.