Thursday, 19 December 2019

Midweek Munchies

Some more fun random things.

I bought this nice range of snacks from Woolworths one day. The mini PB tubs I keep at work. I did have a big jar of PB, but sometimes I didn't eat it in time and it would dry out and go a bit gross (sadness), so these tubs will keep fresh for when I need a little something. The chickpea crisps were OK. I didn't think they had a strong turmeric taste, but my mum did, so I guess it depends on your turmeric tolerance. But the Roasted Raspberry Dark Chocolate covered chickpeas? AMAZING! I love these.

Vegan Snacks from WW

Some lovely Olive and Thyme Sourdough from a local bakery with avocado, tomato, and smoked salt. Served with lots of cucumber on the side for a light lunch.

Avocado, tomato, smoked salt on olive thyme sourdough

When I saw this silly juice, and just had to get it. And it was worth it, the combination of flavours was really refreshing and a bit tangy. Would definitely buy again.

Silly drink

I tried out these Sol Mushroom and Wild Rice veggie burgers that I found on sale at The Green Edge one day. They were OK texture-wise, but they did have a bit of capsicum in it and I found that to be the overwhelming flavour. Boo.

Sol Mushroom and Wild Rice Burgers

I got this pouch of Super Fudgio in a mystery box ages ago, so finally decided to give it a try. It is delicious! I served it with some natural yoghurt and fresh raspberries so that it wasn't overwhelmingly sweet. The only annoying thing is the pouch it comes in, I ended up cutting it open so I could clean it and recycle it with our soft plastics, and there was so much more product trapped inside that I would never have been able to squeeze out!

Super Fudgio with yoghurt and raspberries

Finally, this sandwich. I have no memory really of what this sandwich is. I think it is a smoked sesame cheese BLT, I can see the L and the T looking at it. But I have no memory of what the B was! Anyway, it looks good and I am sure it tasted good.


Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Holly and Pansy

Can you even with these two cuties?


  1. Raspberry dark chocolate chickpeas??!! I need!!
    I definitely cannot with those cuties!!!!

    1. They were lying like that for ages, and my heart melted every time I walked by them.

  2. I love BLTs; the smoked sesame cheese on it sounds quite promising!
    And oh my goodness, they are way too cute!

    1. It really is some next level cuteness. How could I be expected to work under those conditions? I just wanted to gaze at them!