Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Eating Out: Four Pho (Loving Hut, Bun, Roll'd, Cafe O'Mai)

I've mentioned I have been sick quite a few times this year, and a few months ago I was... well... sick. But not housebound sick, so I did what any sensible person would do, and I attempted to cure myself with all of the pho. As I write this, we are having days over 30 decrees Celcius routinely, so the last thing in the world I want to eat is a steaming hot bowl of soup, but back then it was a more soup-friendly weather. I ate all of these in about an eight day period, I think!

First up, Loving Hut. This was on their specials board, so it was good timing that it coincided with my pho-a-thon. There's was full of mock meats (including a few of those weird seafood balls I am not such a fan of), and had a nice broth. (See my other Loving Hut posts here.)

Pho from Loving Hut

I had a pho from Bun delivered one night. I have had this before, and it is pretty yum. It comes in two separate containers, but here is a photo of when I put it all together in a bowl. It has tofu and vegetables, no mock meats. (See my one previous post about Bun here.)

Pho from Bun

Roll'd is a chain that has locations in several cities in Australia. I'd had their pho before in the cup size, but this time I of course got it in the bowl size. It has mushroom and tofu, and is fine. It is the least exciting of the phos in this round-up, but it is chain restaurant food so probably not that surprising. (See what else I've eaten at Roll'd here.)

Mushroom Pho from Roll'd

Finally, the pho from Vietnamese cafe Cafe O-Mai. Not surprisingly, it was the best. I have had their Vegan Pho before (with tofu and veggies), so this time I tried their Deluxe Vegan Pho (with 'various types of soy protein'). This was good, it still had tofu and veggies, and it had those beefy TVP-style slices and some yuma-style stuff, but no weird seafood stuff. Yay! (See the other great stuff I've had from Cafe O-Mai here).

Deluxe Vegan Pho at Cafe O Mai

Here is a bonus photo of the delicious vegan carrot cake I took home from Cafe O-Mai as well.

Vegan Carrot Cake at Cafe O Mai

Loving Hut - Shop 2/1420 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt, Queensland

Bun - Westfield Garden City, 8 Street Market, Corner Logan Road & Kessels Roads, Upper Mount Gravatt, Brisbane

Cafe O Mai - 15 Cracknell Rd, Annerley, QLD - (07) 3255 9778

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Jed Jr

Hold up... who is this?!?! This is Petal's fourth child, and only son, Jed Junior. As you can see, he looks nothing like his mother or his sisters. But we have a pretty good idea of what dad looked like!


  1. Cafe-o-Mai sounds amazing! Carrot cake more or less always wins me over (unless it has raisins).

    1. I don't mind some raisins, as long as there are not too many. I find them too sweet for me, and I much prefer sultanas.

  2. Yum, I've been thinking about Pho myself, and how long it's been since I've had it!!
    I'll just have one of whatever your having!
    OMG, Jed Jr.!!! Look at his little face!!!!

    1. It sounds like it is the right weather for Pho where you are!

  3. The pho from Cafe O-Mai looks incredible! Jed Junior is so precious!

    1. It is to hot here now to even think about pho, but I am definitely going to head back to Cafe O-Mai in our two minutes of winter next year.