Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Eating Out: Flora by Greenhouse

I've been back to my beloved Flora by Greenhouse a few times. Not as often as I would like though! You can see my previous posts about Flora here.

I stopped in for lunch one day after yoga. There was some work being done at home, so I was trying to stay out of the house until it was done. Lunch at Flora seemed like the perfect way to do that! Because I had been sweating a lot at yoga, I had one of their green juices, with apple, cos, celery, spinach, cucumber, lime, lemon, and mint. Very refreshing!

Green Juice at Flora by Greenhouse

For food, I got one of their jaffles filled with smokey pulled jackfruit, cashew brie, rocket, and cheddar. It came with a side of their delicious tomato relish. And I also got some creamy dill potato salad as a side. As you can see, they were also covered in Flora's signature pea sprout garnish, so I also took some nude photos so you can actually see the food.

Jaffle and Salad at Flora by Greenhouse

Creamy Potato Dill Salad at Flora by Greenhouse

Smokey Jackfruit Jaffle at Flora by Greenhouse

I took my mum there a while ago for her first visit. I am happy to report that she really enjoyed it. For drinks, she got a hot chocolate and I got an iced turmeric latte, both on soy.

Hot Chocolate and Iced Turmeric Latte at Flora by Greenhouse

She had the savoury vegetable and dill chickpea pancake, with spinach and pea puree. I've had this before, and honestly it is the best thing that I have had from Flora ever. It is so good.

Savoury Pancakes at Flora by Greenhouse

I had the Garlic Mushrooms, which were served on sourdough with spinach, tomato, cashew brie and lots of herbs, and I got some avocado to go with it as well. Very nice.

Garlic Mushrooms at Flora by Greenhouse

Definitely need to try and get here a bit more often! I still am yet to try their famous Bruffin!

Flora by Greenhouse West End - 239 Boundary Street, West End

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Holly sneeking on Petal

By now, all the kitties and Petal have gone to their homes. But I still have a few more to share. I love this photo of Petal in the cat tunnel, with Holly peeking from the outside.


  1. Oooh, I love all that seasoning on the side of the avocado. Yum!!! And everything looks so fancy and delicious!

    1. They are huge fans of the mixed sesame seed garnish!

  2. The food has to be delicious because it's all so pretty!! Even down to the lemon wedges!!
    I'll miss seeing pictures of petal and her babies!!

  3. Thank you for the nude photos! They're really helpful, and also hilarious.

  4. The chickpea pancakes look so good, and the garlic mushrooms sound like something I would enjoy as well!