Saturday, 11 October 2008

VeganMoFo: Dim Sim

How fast is October flying by? So many days, so much to blog for VeganMoFo. Anyway, today I am making a teeny bit of a stretch because I want to introduce on of my other cats to all you bloggers who don't already know them. The lovely Sahara was introduced not too long ago, and now I am introducing Dim Sim! Get it, she shares her name with food. So that is so on topic! ;)

Isn't she beautiful? She is my tiny black princess. She came to me as a teeny tiny kitten when I was staying in Wagga Wagga for my first degree. She was found by my housemates in a horse paddock, and was so teeny she could fit in your hand. She hasn't gotten much bigger - she is my little pixie cat and generally weighs in at a teensy bit over 3kg.

Look at her here - so pretty in the sunset! Dim Sim was my very first own cat, as opposed to family cat. She was mine and I was hers. And all was glorious and right in the world. Until Gizmo (who will be the next kitty I introduce - she's the tabby in my blog header) came along and then poor Dim Sim's world was torn asunder. Let us not even speak of when Sahara came into our lives. Yes, gentle viewer (or reader), I'm afraid Dim Sim is not a fan of her sisters. Sahara is sometimes to be tolerated... Gizmo never. Alas! Dreams of three kitties all snuggled up in a ball, shattered forever!

What Dim Sim does love, though, is shoes. Here she is smooching up to my friend Jen's boots. She particularly loves thongs (or flip flops for all you non-Australians out there. She does not have an underwear fetish, thank you very much), especially rubber ones so she can sink her claws into them. Dim Sim loves to play with toys on a string, and she also loves going outside into the big, scary world. She also quite enjoys getting wet! She is my Princess, but I also call her Little Black, Small Black, Dimmy, Simmy, Dimkins, Simikins... you get the idea. She's going to be 9 years old in February - I can't believe my baby is now a 'senior' cat!

So, yeah... VeganMoFo... and here I am talking about cats. Which isn't all that strange for me. I am always thinking or talking about cats. Dim Sim was named Dim Sim because it was a cute little silly name for a cute little silly kitten. Food gives us a veritable cornucopia (name the episode!) of cute names just begging to be bestowed upon a cute little kitty. Or puppy. Or fish. Or bird. Or heck, even baby! But as I am a cat lady, mainly kitties. I've seem some adorable ones at the clinic - Jellybean, Yum Cha, Pumpkin... Does anyone else have some cute food-inspired named critters? Or maybe a favourite food-inspired name that you are just saving up for the perfect kitten to come along and claim? Share with me please!

Food Porn Time

Yeah, can't make a post without some sort of food porn for the day. Delving into The Vault of archived photos, here is Tempeh Shepherdess Pie from Veganomicon.

Come to think of it... Tempeh would be a kind of cute name... or Tofu... or please, please someone post they know a kitty called Seitan!

Continue to enjoy the VeganMoFo! Tomorrow is Sunday - so weekly dinner wrap up! Hurrah!


  1. She is beautiful! She looks like my Jack.

  2. She is beautiful. I have a black boy cat - he would love her!

  3. Oh she's beautiful Susan! My kitties are both 9 years old now (I too can hardly believe it. Charlotte will be 10 in December!).

    They don't have food related names, but each of them has a list of nicknames as long as Santas Christmas list :P

    Thank you for sharing her with us!

    (and my 2 don't get along either. Charlotte sort of tolerates Toby in the teeniest amounts but he's totally petrified of her!)

  4. We have 2 cats at the clinic called Moet and Bollinger and another called Skittles. Foody names are v.cute for kittehs. My fave animal name was Google :)

    Dim Sim is gorgeous, my parents cat, Flossie and my cat Maya love shoes, esp. rolling on them and smooching their faces on them. Cats are amusing.

  5. Thank you guys :) She is gorgeous, isn't she? She is currently curled up in a tiny black ball on ony of my pink pillows on the bed. It is so cute. I took a photo LOL

  6. aww ur cat is so cute!
    hey you know whats really weird, i have a black cat that looks alot like your cat and is also named dim sim!
    He's a boy, hes like a year and a half old and a bit bigger than your cat.