Sunday, 19 October 2008

VeganMoFo: Dinners For The Week.

Ahh, Sunday glorious Sunday. The end of a week of yummy dinners. Tomorrow starts a new and exciting week! What am I doing on this wonderful Sunday night? Why, I am at the clinic! Hurrah! So, only a couple of new dishes for dinner this week. I've been on call for three nights and I had awesome vegan Asian food for two of them!

So... on to the the run down....

Awesome vegan Asian take-out from The Magic Wok, a totally nummy Asian vegan restaurant in Sunnybank. Monday night is now family night at home, seeing as both myself and my brother are living at home and Monday is the only night I am not all call on any week. For our family feast, we enjoyed...
- Steamed Dim Sims
- Rendang 'Lamb' Curry
- Monks Hotpot
- Braised Eggplant
- Kailan in Oyster-Flavoured Sauce
- Steamed Rice



A night of cooking joy! I cracked open The Voluptuous Vegan for the first time and made one of the fabulous menus laid out. This was the menu on page 205. A sort of fabulous south east asian feast comprised of:
- Indonesia Sambal (fabulous!)
- Rice Noodles With Thai Peanut Sauce (yay for peanutty goodness!)
- Stir-Fried Vegetables (Asparagus, Carrot, Bok Choy, basil in a soy/lime/orange dressing)
- Mango slices (served around the edges - a great addition)
Totally awesome!

A night at the clinic. Chili Macaroni Bake from Vegan Planet got a reheat job. Microwaves very well!


After a morning at the gym, and afternoon riding ponies and then a work-your-knots out massage, I was very glad I had picked a recipe that required very little prep or cooking time! This is Glazed Apricot Stir Fry from Tofu 1-2-3. It all came together so quickly. I added some extra vegetables, such as carrot and bok choy, and left out the icky capsicum. I also fried the cubed tofu in a little peanut oil first up to give it that nice flavour and chewy texture I like, then removed it from the pan and added it again in the last 5 minutes of cooking like the recipe said. If you just added the raw tofu in the last 5 minutes, it would lack that texture I love so much.

More Magic Wok! Twice in one week, I know! Tonight was exciting because I took a friend who had never eaten there before. I am always pleased to introduce new people to glorious vegan foodage! And the verdict, she very much enjoyed it! Hurrah! Here's what we had
- 'Chicken' Nugget
- Savoury Turnip Cake
- Salt And Pepper Tofu (the best ever S'n'P tofu ever in the history of all history)
- Sizzling Mushroom Plate
- Kailan with Oyster Flavoured Sauce (got to have your greens!)
- Steamed rice
- Jasmine tea

Another night at the clinic. I gave last week's Greek Pasta Casserole another run through. And let me say - it is absolutely fan-frakking-tastic reheated! A great one to make if you need to stock up the freezer with some ready-to-zap meals.

Tonight. At the clinic. As always. Tonight I have just finished the Butternut Vindaloo Stew, minus the baby kabocha for stuffing. I didn't feel this one reheats quite so well after the freeze-thaw-zap routine. Eat it straight away or fridge it and reheat it on the stove in the next day or so.

Here end's my week. I hope you have all had a great week of dinners too! Lots of exciting cooking plans for next week (including a scrummy looking lasagne for tomorrow's family night), so stay tuned.


  1. Your week included both mangoes and horses. I am jealous.

    (mangoes are still well over $3 each for anything that looks decent)

  2. Hurrah for QLD... and for farmer's markets. Mangoes are vailable for about $2 or a bit less at the moment. And are sweet and juicy!