Sunday, 12 October 2008

VeganMoFo: Weekly Dinner Wrap.

Sunday, glorious Sunday. The end of the week, the day of rest. Or, if me, the day of going to the farmers markets in the morning and then buying a waffle iron (hurrah!) in the afternoon. Oh yes, finally a waffle maker is mine! So look forward to a post dedicated to waffles in the not too distant future. Tee hee.

Anyway, end of the week means time to reflect on the nomms that made up my dinners for the week!

Monday and Tuesday

This little ensemble consists of (1) Potato and Kale Enchiladas, (2) Sour Cilantro Cream and (3) Shredded Parsnip And Beet Salad, all three of which can be found within the pages of the mighty Veganomicon. This was an exciting dinner for me because (1) I used kale for the first time. I like it! Different texture to the usual silverbeet, which is my stand in green thing. (2) Usually I hate, hate, hate coriander/cilantro. I am trying to like it because it is used in a lot of recipes and you cannot always sub in mint or parsley. I actually liked it in this recipe! And (3) it was only my second time cooking with beetroot. Which is astounding, really. I don't know why. Plus it is always fun shredding things in the food processor. This was a great meal. The sour cilatro cream goes especially well with the enchiladas.

Tuesday night I was on call at the clinic, so I took leftovers as the sour cream obviously wouldn't be great for freezing and using at a later date so I just went for two nights in a row! Yummo!


No pics for tonight. I headed out to The Forest again. Alas, tonight was my first disenchanting Forest experience. Our drinks took 40 minutes to arrive - we had actually finished our dinners before they came. And my strawberry soy milkshake morphed into a berry smoothie, but by that point I had waited so long I certainly wasn't going to send it back. I had the Forest Plate again. Tonight I had citrus tofu (nice), tofu kumera (nice), cauliflower potato filo pie (awesome - they make good filo pies) and roasted spuds (which are the most awesome things ever, but sadly were luke warm on my plate). Dessert was strawberry vanilla cake and raspberry tea cake with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. And a choc berry cherry muffin to take home!


Dipping into one of my newer tomes, the Australian book Now Vegan. This is Greek Pasta Casserole served with Greek Salad. The pasta casserole was great. Macaroni sandwiches a 'meaty' layer (savoury lentils, vegan casserole mince, tinned tomatoes and seasonings) and is topped with a thick white sauce and vegan Cheddar cheeze. The greek salad used tofu marinated in a simple miso/olive oil combination for the feta. It was quite nice, though the best tofu feta recipe remains the one from How It All Vegan.


Another night on call, another lucky dip into the Freezer of Leftovers. Tonight I enjoyed Lemongrass and Asparagus Risotto from Vcon. The amazing creaminess of the risotto was lost to glugginess with the freezing and reheating, but it was still mighty tasty!


This what I made with my so cute you could die baby Japanese pumpkins I bought at the Rocklea markets last week. It is Kabocha Stuffed With Butternut Vindaloo Stew from Vegan With A Vengeance. It was so fun to make the pumpkin bowls, and even more fun to eat!


No pictures from tonight. But tonight my mum cooked vegan for us! Hurrah! She made a really nummy pasta and beans recipe she cut out of a magazine. It was gooooood. Especially with liberal sprinklings of nooch!

So ends another week. What will the next week bring? Well, for one thing I plan to trying out a new cookbook for the first time. Also will be getting takeaway from my favourite Brisbane chinese vegan place! Stay tuned...


  1. Mmmm it all looks yummy as usual. Heh, I remember getting my waffle maker...I think I did like a thousand waffle posts in a row (we even ate waffles for dinner a few nights!). I look forward to your waffly creations :D

    It's strange, I hardly ever cook with beetroot either. I love the stuff though. I think just because it's always so messy (and I'm too lazy to scrub my red fingernails :P)

  2. The baby pumpkin thing looks very tempting. I wonder though if what was fun to do for one would turn out to be more like a pain in the bum to do for five. Perhaps the trick would be to do it with a grown up pumpkin instead.

  3. What a great week in dinners!
    Mon - I am so glad that is all from V'Con because I can make it too.
    Weds - the Forest really does sound like a great restaurant, I guess every place has a bad night. But the food sounds delish.
    Thurs - again I am glad this is from a book I own, I should be opening this more and choose meals to make!

    Also, yay for your waffle maker. We bought a waffle iron a few months ago and I made waffles for a few meals!

  4. Vegetation - It's like this strange irrational fear that you will be forever tainted with beetroot. Which of course you won't be. Sure everything when pink for a bit, but it all washes out no problems! We should have a beetroot frenzy and cure ourselves of this craziness once and for all!

    Mim - I made three servings. It is a bit of work to hollow out the pumpkins, but not much. Maybe if you cut the tops of the pumpkins for them, the kids could scrape them out? It would be fun! Or maybe that is just in my world. LOL

    Mandee - The Forest is generally awesome, and if you ever come to Brisbane. Go there. I will take you there. Food will be eaten!