Wednesday, 8 October 2008

VeganMoFo: A Few Of My Favourite Things...

Tonight I am going to see a local production of 'The Sound Of Music' with a very good friend. Hurrah - I can't wait! I love 'The Sound Of Music'. And while whiskers on kittens, well... kittens in general, are my favouritest thing in the world, I thought I might finally get around to sharing a few of my favourite things to use in the kitchen! Oh yeah, pink is my favourite colour! ;)

My beautiful retro marshmallow pink scales. These are so pretty and very accurate. I got these along with some (not pictured) marshmallow pink colanders. Also very pretty. But my scales are invaluable to me when it comes to weighing ingredients.

Oh look, more pink! This mixing bowl was given too my for Christmas by my brother's girlfriend. She also gave me a pink silicon spatula and some pink cookie cutters. This is my favourite bowl for mixing things in. Earlier this year I tragically droped it onto the tiles and chipped off a teeny bit of the base, but it battles on.

OK, this actually belongs to my mum. But in the kitchen, all is mine! Mwahahaha. This mortar and pestle is amazing. It is super heavy, and just makes such easy work of smooshing whatever you wish. Much better than the little lightweight one I had in Sydney. I must smuggle this out with me when I finally move out.

This is my 5L stock pot. My dad bought it for me from Ikea (in their 365+ range), and surprisingly it was fantastic. I use this so much I can't imagine how I existed without it. It has a lovely heavy base, cool touch handles and is just lovely to use. I recently purchased it's big 10L sister so I can make even bigger soups and stocks.

More marshmallow pink! I haven't actually used this yet, I just bought it last week. But I already love it for all that it is. I have been looking for a grill pan I can use on an induction stove but that won't break the bank for ages without luck. Then I happened to be strolling through Myer last weekend when I came across this gorgeous Breville cast iron (hurrah - also my first cast iron purchase) pink grill pan at 50% off the marked price! I call that fate! I can't wait to start using it.

Le Creuset. Need I say more? This is also one of those what belongs to my mother really belongs to me as the kitchen is my domain things. She has had this pot since my Dad and her got married, 30 years ago. At it keeps on going. It is awesome and heavy and goes from stove to oven and I am in love with it.

And my chef/saute pan. I think it is about 30cm diameter and has nice high sides. It is quite big, and great for so many things. Another bargain I got for 40% off the retail price. Hurrah!

There are so many other things in my kitchen that I love and adore. And I haven't even considered any of the appliances or the crockery yet! But I am a sucker for all things kitchen. I love wandering through kitchen shops and section. Anyone reading this, please let me know your own favourite kitchen items!


  1. I love my scanpan fry pan, stockpot and saute pan but the things that bring me most joy are the stoneware mugs and serving dishes that I've got from Lue Pottery. They're made from the local clay and the potters are real characters, going there is so much fun.

  2. I am in love with your pink kitchen items! Recently I saw some pink heart shaped bowls and measuring cups, if I buy them I will take a photo. At the moment I have a pink spatula and pink tongs :)

  3. I too am a kitchen stuff addict. I drive my family nuts because I can't walk past the kitchen section without stopping....for hours. I have an appliance addiction also so spend the remainder of my time in Harvey Norman, Domayne or something along those lines looking at all the stand mixers, grills, food processors, steamers, sigh.

  4. I love kitchen goods stores. They make me so happy. I'm trying to be good as far as not collecting stupid amounts of things, but I love love love food processors (so much so that I've killed the last 2 that I bought, so I think I'm going to have to get a commercial one), my ice cream maker is awesome and doesn't get nearly enough use, and knives - I need to get a couple of new chef's knives and I'm quite excited about that!

  5. Yes! You've inspired me to dedicate a day to kitchen appliances.

  6. im so envious of your pink grill pan! very cute!