Friday, 17 October 2008

The lady Gizmo.

Today I am forgoing the VeganMoFo tag in order to talk about the a very special girl. She completes my trinity of kitty loves. Gizmo is my beautiful tabby girl. I rescued her from a vet in Wagga where her previous people had left her to be either euthanased (NOOOOOOO!) or rehomed, but no one would take her because she was 4 years old and everyone wanted kittens. Stupid people! Giving a home to an adult cat is an incredibly rewarding experience, and to be honest I don't think I will have a kitten again. Adult cats are awesome! So go and give one a home right now!

Gizmo was the second of my three to come and join me in life. Much to Dim Sim the first's dismay. Unfortunately the two refuse to get along. This very night they had a spat with much hissing and growling. Gizmo gets on much better with Sahara, except for the odd occasion that Sara tries to get a bit to frisky. Gizmo doesn't like to play. Or rather, not with others. She does on a fairly regular basis get all frisky with a toy, chasing it around. It is so cute to watch.

Gizmo is my eldest. She will be 12 on the 1st of November. She is also my largest. In part, this is because she is a bigger boned cat to begin with, compared with Dim Sim the pixie and Sahara the slinky. But she also has some extra stored love. While I don't mind a bit of stored love, too much is bad for kitties in terms of arthritis, diabetes and the like. Alas, I have just found out that the special urinary pH balanced food she eats is very hard to lose weight on! Of course, Gizmo loves her food. ;)

Let me describe Gizmo's typical day. Wake up (on the bed) and eat breakfast, move onto the sofa and sleep, get up and eat lunch, return to the sofa and sleep, get up for dinner, return to the sofa to sleep, get up for supper, up to bed and sleep. Sometimes there is some frisking or a bit of a trip into the Catmax for some fresh air.

Gizmo is one of the sweetest, friendliest, most loving kitties you could ever hope to meet. She just loves people, and is a massive attention tart. She has stopped people walking past the house to pat her belly. She's had a few health issues, my poor baby. And poor me - because being a vet I instantly, hysterically go to bad places. But she's doing pretty good now.

Here are some photos of my lady:

Gizmo on her last birthday, playing with her special cat nip bear hanging toy. Gizmo loves catnip! It doesn't make her go crazy like with other cats. She just sits there licking and sniffing and chewing. She had another toy like this, but she totally destroyed it. So I was very happy to find another! You should see what I got her this year!

Gizmo and one of her two great loves - sleeping! She made herself a nest out of a crumpled up doona and was very happy here.

Gizmo on my parent's bed. She is technically not supposed to get on the bed, it belongs to Possum the family cat. But she loves snuggling up into this boomerang cushion. And she's so beautiful and sweet that I am certainly not going to be the one to make her move!

So now I have introduced my three. The loves of my life. The reasons I am so content being a cat lady. Expect me to talk about them a lot, and I hope you like kitty photos! Because I have a zillion!


  1. She is adorable!!
    *rubs her belly*

  2. Always happy for kitty photos! And awww Gizmo is just beautiful! I want to snuggle in her tummy (heh~crazy cat lady also).

    I had a Gizmo until a few years ago (well technically she lived with my parents after I moved out, but she was still mine too :P). She was named because when I met her she had no fur at all except for a little spike on top of her head and she looked like a Gizmo!

  3. Another beautiful kitteh kat! I'm glad you rescued her. One of my first cats was a one year old who had been surrendered when the family wanted to replace him with a kitten :(