Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The dinner choir sings!

I've been talking about food a lot. Not so much about kitties. But don't worry, I have many, many stories to tell, and I love to talk about the kitties. My cats get fed breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Set amounts for the day, but divided up. Dinner is met with exreme enthusiasm, as it is the 'non-biscuit' meal of the day. I try and make dinner shortly before sun down, so in theory it should become later as the days become longer. Not so, according to the cats. Specifically, according to Sahara. At almost 4.15pm every afternoon, she jumps up from where ever she may be snoozing, and begins the dinner choir for the next hour until dinner finally appears, usually around 5.30pm or so. It is uncanny her timing! Almost on the dot!

So, because I love talking about my kitties, I thought I might introduce Sahara to those who don't know her. Sahara is my most recent kitty friend. She was rehomed to me following a business card I picked up at the Royal Easter Show in 2003. She's a beautiful cinnamon Abyssinian kitty. She only has one eye, she lost the other to a particularly bad bout for feline herpes (an upper respiratory tract infection) when she was just a wee kitty. Not that it has slowed her down at all - she is precision plus when it comes to catching things! Sahara is my youngest, born on the 28th of August, 2001. She came to me when she was 18 months old. She is really the cheekiest little cat I have ever met. But she is so sweet and loving, that she can get away with almost anything. She especially loves great big bear hugs, which gave her the nickname SaraBear or Bear. Also nicknamed Minx, Slinky, Cheeky, Pumpkin Belly or simply Sara for short.

Here are some photos of her for your viewing pleasure:

Sahara posing (she is the biggest poser), with the lady bug cat nip toy I got her for her 7th birthday.

Speaking of food... Christmas morning 2007, and Sahara thought she might join us for our family breakfast.

Sahara reads Veganomicon. What a very well read cat!

I still have two more kitties to introduce to you, and loads more kitty stories to tell, so I hope you enjoy the cats - there's lots more to come!

Today's Vegan Food Porn

And as always, some vegan food porn for the folks at home. Digging into The Vault again!

This is a delicious vegan indian feast I made from (yes!) Veganomicon. To the right are Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes, and on the left is Sauteed Spinach and Tomatoes with basmati rice. In the middle there is a bowl of 5 Minute Mango Chutney. Delicious!


  1. I'm in love with Sahara already! She's just beautiful! Mine appear magically at 4:30pm every single afternoon ready for their 5pm dinner too. I always wonder how they know!

    And yum. I adore Indian food!

  2. Sahara is totally my favourite of Susan's cats - she's teeny weeny but surprisingly heavy, and just the most sneaky cat - she's stolen food from my fork on its' way to my mouth!!

    I really have to crack out the Veganomicon now that I'm settled in my new place - everything you've posted is gorgeous!!

  3. Leigh! You can't have a favourite. They are all equal in their perfection and amazingness. I never use the 'f-word' when it comes to my girls!

    Though Sahara does say thanks. And she says 'nothing says I'm your favourite like giving me the food off you plate.'