Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Midweek Munchies

Hi Friends,

To be honest I'm having a hard time finding any point to anything these days. But I had to get up early today and it is my day off so I need to fill the time. Midweek munchies have always been the least effort posts to write, and it is Wednesday, so here are some midweek munchies from some time ago.

Some chocolate hazelnut cream wafers a friend sent me from Germany. These were very nice. I love eating wafer biscuits.

Wafer Biscuits

This Limited Edition Hot Cross Bun Sultana Bran tasted exactly like regular Sultana Bran except with more cloves. Nothing really hot cross bun about it. Of course it only came in a huge box! But it was very useful to eat after my surgery early this year because bran helps keep you regular!

HCB Sultana Bran

Peter's had some nice flavoured vegan Drumsticks a while ago, then they got rid of them for this generic classic vanilla drumstick. It is fine, but not as good as the vegan Cornettos. Tragically, the vegan Cornettos have been discontinued, so I guess this is as good as it gets right now.

Plant Based Drumsticks

I got this in a gift pack of vegan Only Mine chocolates. Neither coconut and caramel are high on my list of preferences, but this was not bad. I definitely shared it around. Also extremely gooey, once you break off a bit the filling will oooooooze everywhere, so store in a tupperware!

Only Mine Vegan Caramel Chocolate

I went out of my way before Christmas, to two different shops, to find these Treat Dreams Sugar and Spice chocolate bars. They were dark chocolate with Biscoff throughout, and some fun Christmas sprinkles. Then when Christmas came I had bought simply To Many Sweets, and they were forgotten for a little while until I unearthed them a couple of months later. They were lovely, the crunchy biscoff in the smooth chocolate, do recomment!

Treat Dreams Sugar & Spice

Someone gave me this, and no surprises with 45% cocoa it was on the too sweet side for me. But if you like sweeter hazelnut chocolate, this would be a hit.

Pico Hazelnut Chocolate

I bought this jam earlier this year, and it was quite lovely. It had a really nice tartness to it. I enjoyed it many ways.

Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam

No cats photos at the moment. They will come. But please know that Boo is doing very well.

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  1. There is a point, just perhaps not one you've found yet. I often find a line from A Beautiful Mind comforts me when I have existential crises: "It's life. Activity is available. Just add meaning."

    I love seeing all this chocolate! The oozing caramel appeals to me on a very deep level, because I used to love Caramello bars.