Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Midweek Munchies: Supermarket things

A photo dump of some new vegan things I have seen in supermarkets over the last several months! Some of these things I have tried, so look for them in upcoming posts.

First up is a whole bunch of things from Coles.

Nature's Kitchen Pizzas

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

Things at Coles

And finally a few things from Woolworths!

Plantry Frozen Meals

Praise Vegan Aioli

Praise Vegan Mayo seen in shops

Made with Plants Sauces at WW

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Midweek Munchies

Thank you everyone for the kind messages on my last post. Life without Dim Sim, without my girls, has been hard. Those who follow me on IG know that there is another cat in my house, and she is very sweet. Though obviously she will never be like my girls. She is herself, and we are forging our own relationship. Opening up to her in the face of overwhelming grief has been hard.

Going forward I feel like my blogging is probably going to be a bit more sporadic, and probably a lot of easier posts like these Midweek Munchies ones. The recipe round-ups take the most effort, so I may take a break from them for a bit... at least for a while. I'm also going to just put a pause of the cute kitty of the post photo... I know this is shocking, my whole thing is cats. But just for a bit. Anyway, here is a Midweek Munchies post... even though it is Sunday today, so definitely not the midweek. But whatever. Enjoy some random things. I have so many more to share.

Plantitude is a vegan brand available through Woolworths (I am pretty sure it is one of their in-house vegan lines), and they recently brought out a whole range of these ready meals. Almost all of them have chili, and I have heard from people that they are really spicy. This is one of the few that didn't, but it did have capsicum that I had to pick out. It comes with rice in one packet and tofu and sauce in the other, and is designed so that you can use the box as the eating vessel. It also came with a plastic wrapped plastic fork, which was really annoying when you are eating at home as very wasteful. But handy if you are on the go and don't have a fork but do have a microwave? Anyway, it was not good. There was very little tofu, the sauce was oddly sweet, it was not very filling.

Plantitude Black Bean Tofu

My friend Leigh, who is a genius with food, made a bunch of different flavours of oyster mushroom jerky, and she sent me a selection! Savoury snacks that are not chips are hard to come by, so these were very welcome.

Oyster Mushroom Jerky from Leigh

I bought these seed crackers on sale in some supermarket, I can't remember where. I was suspicious that they were going to be dry and tasteless, but they were super yum. Good enough to eat on their own as a snack even. Would buy again, if I could remember where I got them.

Seeded Crackers

Sanitarium Up and Go have been around since before I went vegan. The premise is two weetbix and milk, mushed up into a popper on the go breakfast drink. It has taken over 20 years, but they have finally made a vegan version. This was the vanille one, but there is also a chocolate one. I remember Up and Go as really being chunky, like you can tell there are weetbix in there. But these are much smoother, kind of like a thick and not very exciting vanilla milk. But not bad, and good to have on hand. Certainly not enough to replace breakfast though!

Dairy Free Vanilla Up and Go

I saw this brand and a similar flavour of crisp over on Hilary's blog. So when I saw them on the shelf at a fancy vegan store, I had to grab them. They are packaged differently from the one that she had on her blog, but were every bit as delicious as she promised. I'd definitely get these again.

The Good Crisp Company Smoky BBQ

I got this tin of vegan meatballs in sauce in a Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box ages ago, so I finally pulled it out to use. I made a meatball sub with it. The meatballs are kind of dry and the sauce is a bit flat, but with a bit of doctoring up it works out OK.

Vegan Meatballs in a can

Meatball sub

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Dim Sim

I've been away for a while... I haven't been ready to post this, and I'm not really ready now. But here we go.

Though those of you who follow me on social media already know.

On the 27th of November 2020, I had to say goodbye to Dim Sim. I don't really know how to explain the way my heart utterly shattered as I said goodbye to her, the last of my soulmates, my whole world and my whole life.

I know for her sisters I wrote long emotional posts, but I just am not emotionally in a place where I can do that right now. Because if I let it out, I collapse again. And as I apparently have to keep on existing in this world, I have to keep things close inside. I was not able to run away to Seattle like I had always planned because of the pandemic, so I am back and work and trying my best to keep going one step after the other.

Dim Sim, you were my love and my light and my reason. We were together over 20 years, and I will never not be missing you and loving you.

Dim Sim