Monday, 15 August 2022

Recipe Round-Up: Chloe's Kitchen

Time for the final installment of the current Chloe's Kitchen recipe round-up, see previous posts about this book here.

Southern Skillet Black-Eyed Peas with Quick Buttery Biscuits amd Garlicky Greens: I used tinned black beans in this recipe as they are easily available. This is a lovely sweet BBQ sauce recipe that as well as beans has cauliflower and celery (which I used in place of capsicum), I also used paprika in place of the chili powder. I scaled down this recipe to make half, but accidentally mucked up when making the biscuits by intially not adding enough flour... so I had to mix in more at the end. They still tasted great, but maybe not as flaky as they should have been. The biscuits are slathered in Whipped Maple Butter, which is a combination of butter (Nuttelex) and maple syrup that are whipped to be light and sweet. I took a slight deviation in the garlicky greens recipe by using broccolini instead of a leafy green, there was a real shortage of greens earlier this year.
Rating: Beans with Biscuits :), Whipped Maple Butter :), Garlicky Greens :)

Southern Skillet Beans with Quick Butter Biscuits; Garlicky Greans; Whipped Maple Butter

Peanutty Perfection Noodles: Who doesn't love peanut sauce and noodles! I glutened this recipe up by using linguine rather than rice noodles, and I only used half the amount. The recipe itself has carrots and scallions as the vegetables, but I added broccoli florets, peas, tofu, and spinach! I used a mix of light coconut milk and water in the sauce, and left out the sriracha, and I also added alittle bit of tamarind paste as I found myself out of lime juice.
Rating: :)

Peanutty Perfection Noodles

Penne alla Vodka with the Best Garlic Bread in the World: The only reason I ever buy vodka is to make vodka sauce, and this was a nice one with lots of basil and cashew cream, though the overall flavour fell a bit flat. The garlic bread is easy to make and tastes food, though is not the best in the world. Chloe loves to be dramatic when naming her recipes.
Rating: :)

Penne alla Vodka with the Best Garlic Bread in the World

Spaghetti Bolognese: This uses a blend of walnuts, mushrooms, and beans. Blending it to be crumbly and chunky without being mushy was difficult given the bean component of it, and once it hit the frying pan and I was stirring it around, it tended to clump together anyway, which you can see. It was quite a sweet recipe, Chloe uses maple syrup in her sauce recipe, which I would recommend leaving out because why?
Rating: :|

Spaghetti Bolognese

Wild Mushroom Strogranoff Fettuccine: This uses a mix of fresh (crimini and white, in my case as I couldn't get all creiini) and dried (porcini) mushrooms in a creamy roux-based sauced. I used linguine and cut the amount from 450g to 250g to get my preferred sauce to pasta ratio. I also added peas and served it over spinach.
Rating: :)

Wild Mushroom Stroganoff

Herbed Polenta Cutlets with Marsala Mushroom Ragout: I cannot find a vegan marsala where I live to save my life, so I consulted the internet and used a mix of white wine and brandy for this gloriously mushroomly ragout. It has both crimini and shiitake mushrooms! I was making this one night when I was on my own, so I scaled down the recipe to 1/4 of the polenta but 1/2 of the mushrooms, because I love mushrooms! The polenta is easy to make and filled with herbs, but does need to be made ahead so it has time to set. I poured it into a little remakin to set so it came out as a circle, rather than spreading it onto a pan and cutting a circle shape later.
Rating: :)

Herbed Polenta Cutlets with Marsala Mushroom Ragout

Hot Fudge Sundaes: This includes a recipe for mint chip ice cream, but I don't like mint ice cream so instead I used the vanilla ice cream recipe that is also included in the book. For the ice cream I used Flora Professional Plant Cream instead of coconut milk, which is my new favourite substitute when making vegan ice cream. This had a beautiful vanilla flavour, and was very creamy. The hot fudge sauce is made with yet more Flora cream (instead of coconut milk), chocolate, and sweeteners. As you can see, it did set up pretty quickly when it hit the ice cream, rather than staying hot and fudgy, but it still tasted great!
Rating: Ice Cream :), Sundae :)

Hot Fudge Sundaes

Thsi ends this round of round-ups from Chloe's Kitchen! I still have a lot in the book I have not cooked, so I will come back to it one day. In about ten years after I finish working through and rounding up the rest of my cookbooks alphabetically. LOL.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Midweek Munchies

It's a Wednesday, so it is time to reflect on some munchies.

I had tried the Leftfield Provisions Brie from Coles earlier in the year, so was keen to try the Camembert. I regret to inform you that this one was not great. It was quite dry and hard and the flavour was just... meh. I will stick to the Brie.

Leftfield Camembert

Veef came out with some premade meatballs in sauce, which I used to make a very quick dinner with spaghetti and Follow Your Heart parmesan. I realised after I bought it that the tomato sauce has coconut cream in it, sigh, but thankfully it was not enough to make it taste coconutty or to make me feel sick. The meatballs themselves were fine.

Veef Meetballs

I made this Pan-Fried Teriyaki Tofu Bowl from Just One Cookbook, a Japanese recipe blog, and it was lovely. Look at the glaze on that tofu! I was doing this as a very pantry friendly meal, so I served it over some rice and some steamed frozen green vegetables.

Pan-Fried Teriyaki Tofu Bowl from Just One Cookbook Blog

Alas, Sunrice no longer makes their incredible Smokehouse BBQ chips, and instead make these Smokey BBQ, Tomato, and Herb. The good new is they are still delicious, though not quite as delicious as the original. But I am very happy to eat them.


Earth has come out with a few new frozen meals lately, so I tried this Satay one after assessing that it was not full of coconut or chilli. It was fine... it uses sunflower butter to make it peanut free. But my heart and my brain and my tastebuds were crying out for a peanut sauce.

Earth Satay Chicken

After trying some incredible brownie hummus from Aldi over Christmas, I found this in Coles. It is nice, but not as good as that Aldi stuff (which was limited edition, I hope they bring it back again). Good for dipping apple slices in or smearing on toast.

Obela Chocolate Hummus

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Dim Sim and Gizmo

Please enjoy a random throwback photo of Dim Sim and Gizmo actually close to each other enjoying the sunroon.

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Recipe Round-Up: Chloe's Vegan Kitchen

More things I made from Chloe's Kitchen by Chloe Coscarelli. See previous posts about this cookbook here.

Tofu Scallopini with Mashed 'Potatoes': I took a few liberties here, the biggest being that the scallopini recipe was meant to be made with seitan, but I used tofu. I always have tofu on hand, and I prefer it. I made a half recipe with six thin slices of tofu. The slices are battered before being fried, and I did find my batter turned out very gluggy. But I enjoyed them once the lovely herby mushroom white wine sauce was added. The mashed potatoes are a mix of potato, parsnip and cauliflower. The recipe calls it 'Guilt Free', but I don't believe in attaching guilt to food, and especially not potatoes. This mash was lovely for what it was, but you could definitely tell it was not all potatoes. But it had a nice sweet earthy flavour.
Rating: Scallopini :), Mash :)

Tofu Scallopini; Mashed 'Potatoes'

Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Hazelnuts: I turned this side into a meal by serving it over a rice and quinoa mix alongside some sliced Field Roast Apple Sage sausage. This is very simple to make, and I love anything with roasted Brussels sprouts. I could do with less hazelnuts in the end, I think just a few chopped to sprinkle on top. I made a half recipe of this, which was enough for two side serves.
Rating: :)

Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Hazelnuts

Sea Salt and Vinegar French Fries: A ridiculously tiny pile of fries, because I had a little potato I felt like using up alongside a burger. The fries are baked, which I like because I am too scared to deep fry. The fries themselves were good, they actually went nice and crunchy! But as soon as you sprinkle them with the malt vinegar, they went soggy. Alas. But they still tasted good, I love vinegar. I think a bigger pile of fries would hold up better.
Rating: :)

Sea Salt and Vinegar French Fries

Chloe's Award-Winning Mango Masala Panini: This requires a few components, including a tamarind-mango chutney, a spiced chickpea masala, and a serve of the roasted cauliflower curry I mentioned in my last round-up from here. It also has some spinach added. It is a lovely combination of flavours! I initially made it as a curry to serve over rice, and used the left overs to make the sandwich.
Rating: :)

Chloe's Award Winning Mango Masala Panini

Spiced Chickpea Masala with Tamarind-Mushroom Chutney

Moo Shu Vegetables with Homemade Chinese Pancakes: Making pancakes seemed tiring for a weeknight, so I initially served this as a stir-fry over rice! It is a lovely mix of tofu. mushrooms, cabbage and carrot with a lovely housin sauce. Heaven! For the leftovers, I scaled down the pancake recipe and just made two pancakes when I had a bit more time and energy. The dough was a bit hard to work with, and they ended up a bit thick and tough (I do not have the right skills yet), but they were nice.
Rating: :)

Mu Shu Vegetables

Homemade Chinese Pancakes

Best-Ever Baked Macaroni and Cheese: This is a big claim, when I have had a lot of mac and cheeses over the years. It uses a roux-based sauce with a lot of nutritional yeast, also some tomato paste which made it look so orange! I half the amount of pasta but all of the sauce and cooked it in a 20 x 20 cm baking dish (that is 8 x 8 inches for my non-metric friends). And the result?? It was a perfectly fine mac and cheese. Not the best, but not bad, but I have other recipes I prefer. Be careful about making big claims!
Rating: :)

Best-Ever Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Pasta Italiano: This pasta is coated ina white bean sauce, made by blending cannellini beans with some non-dairy milk, oil (though I used less oil and made up the quantitiy with more oat milk), lemon, and herbs. The pasta is mixed with the sauce, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes. Rather than boil the asparagus with the pasta at the end of cooking time, I roasted it for maximum flavour. I also used half the amount of pasta, extra cherry tomatoes, added some more whole white beans, and some spinach for fun.
Rating: :)

Pasta Italiano

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Finishing off my trio of Cloris Create's portraits with Sahara.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Midweek Munchies

Some random things.

I got this teriyaki sauce on clearance sale and it is pretty good as far as bottled teriyaki sauces go. A lot of them are way too salty, but this has a nice blend of savoury and sweet. I served it with some charcoal noodles (and also some beet noodles I had to use up), some tofu, and some frozen green vegetables for a super pantry/freezer friendly use stuff up meal.

Teriyaki Noodles

Teriyaki Noodles

These chickpea chips were kind of meh. They had a weird flavour, just a hint of vinegar, and the rosemary was like an aftertaste rather than an actual flavour. Would not try again.

Chickpea Chips

It's been a while since I've shared any silly drinks, so here is a silly juice that I bought. While it has many ingredients, it sadly mostly tasted like apple juice. They need to make the greens more prominent!

Silly Juice

A random lunch of salad topped with a burger patty and melted cheese, plus some tomato relish and caramelised onions.

Burger Salad

Another silly juice. This juice had a beautiful colour! Again, it mostly tasted of pear but definitely had the earthiness of beetroot coming through. Not sure I could really taste the strawberry. It was nice for what it was.


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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Recipe Round-Up: Chloe's Kitchen

Hello! Everything is terrible but I have to keep on going, so how about we dip into the next cookbook to do a round-up of? The book is Chloe's Kitchen, but Chloe Choscarelli, and you can see more of my posts about this book here.

Pasta Alfredo with Roasted Lemon-Olive Oil Asparagus: The alfredo recipe is actually for Fettuccine, but I didn't have any long pasta so I used some spirals. This is a wonderful cashew based sauce, that thickens up beautifully for whatever pasta you are serving it with. There is the option to add miso, which of course I did. I don't know what it would be like without it but I would not leave it out! I made a half recipe of the sauce and mixed it with 200g of spiral pasta and some spinach for 2 serves. I served it alongside the roasted asparagus. The original recipe is for grilling, but I went with the roasting option. This is very simple but lovely.
Rating: Alfredo :), Asparagus :)

Alfredo; Roasted Lemon-Olive Oil Asparagus

Lemon-Dill Dip: I love dill! And this sauce is delicious. It is based on silken tofu, and I definitely added extra dill. I did not have the energy to make the crispy potato-leek patties this sauce goes with, so I served it on top of some roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, and tofu. This sauce will be a star no matter how you use it.
Rating: :D

Lemon-Dill Dip

Roasted Cauliflower Curry with Cilantro-Tamarind Sauce: This curry is meant to be stuffed into samosas, but I didn't feel like making dough, so I just served it straight up with the dipping sauce over spinachand rice. If doing it this way, I recommend cutting WAY back on the mustard seeds, and adding more salt. The cilantro-tamarind dipping sauce was lovely and sweet and tangy, I left out the scallions.
Rating: Curry :|, Sauce :)

Roasted Cauliflower Curry with Cilantro-Tamarind Sauce

Apricot-Mustard Sauce: Again, another recipe where I made the sauce but not the rest! Rather than making wontons from scratch, I used some ready made gyoza. The sauce is super simple, just apricot jam and mustard mixed together. I used St Dalfours jam, which is sweetened with fruit not sugar, but even so the sauce needed way more mustard and a lot less jam. As written, it kind of tastes like dipping your wontons straight into jam.
Rating: :|

Apricot-Mustard Sauce

California Chop Salad with Agave-Lime Vinaigrette: This salad is full of seasoned black beans, lettuce, tomato, quino, and avocado. I left out the raw onion and added extra coriander. This was a lovely fresh combination, especially when combined with the slightly sweet, slightly sour agave-lime dressing. A full recipe of this claims to serve four as a meal, but it really serves two people for a light meal.
Rating: :)

California Chipotle Chop with Agave-Lime Vinaigrette

Wasabi Sesame Noodle Salad: I love soba noodle salads when the weather is hot. This has a lovely dressing, though the wasabi flavour is pretty mild even after I left out the sriracha. Add more wasabi if you like it stronger. You can pretty much add whatever you want to this salad, I used the suggested cucumber and carrot, left out the scallions, and also added tofu and celery.
Rating: :)

Wasabi Sesame Noodle Salad

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I don't think I've shared these yet, but a while ago I had some super cute little portraits of my girls done by the fabulous artist Cloris Creates. This was Dim Sim's portrait done in her very cute style.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Dad's Birthday 2022

It was my dad's birthday at the start of the month, and as always I made him a dinner of his choosing.

Cauliflower & Tofu Red Curry from The Australian Women's Weekly Vegan In 30 Minutes: Dad requested some sort of Thai curry, with the understanding that any sort of curry I make will be extremely mild. This was a very simple dinner to make! I still used some Thai red curry paste, but waaaayyyy less than the 1/3 cup called for, I used more like a dollop. I also used a mix of light coconut milk and oat milk rather than full fat coconut milk so I didn't get sick. This curry was full of tofu puffs, cauliflower, zucchini, and green beans, and I also added some baby spinach. Served over some jasmine rice, I got almost 6 serves from this.
Rating: :)

Cauliflower & Tofu Red Curry

Mandarin Orange Upside-Down Cake from Celebrate Vegan by Dynise Balcavage: This cake uses tinned mandarins, drained very well, in a dark-sugar glaze as a fun twist on an upside down cake. The batter contains orange blossom water, which gives a lovely flavour. I did find that my glaze hardened up a bit as it cooled, but it thankfully didn't turn into a thick unbreakable toffe. I lovely flavoured cake.
Rating: :)

Mandarin Orange Upside-Down Cake

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Monday, 25 July 2022

Eating In: An Assortment

Here's to more food that I have had delivered or got as takeaway!

Vapiano is an Italian chain that has some vegan options, so one night I tried the Vegan Bolognese. I got them to add some vegan cheese, which ended up being four shreds of something, so I added some FYH parmesan to it at home. This was a huge serving, I got two meals out of it, and was a very rich meaty bolognese sauce. I don't remember what they used for the bolognese, and it is off the menu now, but it was some sort of vegan mince.

Vegan Bolognese from Vapiano

This Tofu Bun (noodle salad) from Pho Hung Vietnamese looked great, but the tofu was way over fried so that it was nothing but a harsh serrated crisp that wripped up my mouth. It was very sad.

Tofu Bun from Pho Hung Vietnamese

I love tofu and vegetables, and this is the Tofu and Vegetables with Fried Noodles from Kingsfood, a place we've ordered from a number of times before.

Tofu and Vegetable Fried Noodles from Kingsfood

Sometimes you just feel like a big dinner of fried beige food! I had ordered from Parmi House before, which has several vegan options. This time I ordered the Vienna Schnitzel, which was meant to come with fries and large serving of kraut... there was no kraut! There was bacon and cheese. So who knows what they were thinking. At least it was all vegan still!

Vegan from Parmi House

To finish off, here is something very different from fried beige food - a poke bowl! I love ordering from Cheeki! They have a couple of vegan bowls, or you can make your own! I don't even remember what I put in this except that it had tofu, marinated mushrooms, black rice, steamed greens (which came on the side because they couldn't fit them in the bowl), broccoli, avocado, and fried shallots. And undoubtedly a lot more underneath! I also always get a fun kombucha from them, like this Blueberry Sour. This brand does have stevia in it, blergh, but I cannot taste it, so yay.

Poke Bowl from Cheeki

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