Thursday, 31 October 2019

Midweek Munchies

Some random stuff I have bought and had to eat.

I picked both of these up from Coles. I got the Sunfed Chicken on special. It is something to approach with caution, as when you open the packet it is very big, kind of dry chunks. The trick is to shred them up with your fingers, and then they are great. I sauteed them and they were tasty, though they still tend towards the dry side. Enter the sauce, which was also on sale.

Butter Chicken supplies

The sauce says to add to 500 g of diced poor dead bird (the sauce is vegan friendly, the company isn't vegan), and I had 300 g of Sunfed. I was worried it would be too saucy, but there is hardly any sauce in the packet so when I added it, it quickly soaked up into the Sunfed and got quite dry (even after adding the tablespoon of dairy free butter recommended). (I did have some leftovers and got another packet of sauce to add to them, but when I did that the flavour of the sauce was actually kind of gross? Like it needs to be soaked up into things to taste good.)

Butter Chicken

This is a sweet breakfast post-yoga treat I had one day. I haven't been going to the regular Brisbane Vegan Markets that often, but I had to run in one day just to do a swap over of a shirt I'd bought the previous month. I didn't want to stay, I wanted to get home, but I did want to pick up a tasty Chocolate Honeycomb soft serve sundae from I Should Coco. I got them to put it in my keep cup to reduce plastic (though I hadn't brought a spoon), so it is a little smooshed. But delicious.

Chocolate Honeycomb Sundae from I Should Coco

I also picked up this brand of Jerky at one of the markets, though now it is available in vegan shops and IGAs! The pepper steak was good, but my favourite is the teriyaki ginger. It does tend to the sweeter side of jerky, which I know not everyone likes. The only annoying thing about it is that it says once you open it to keep in the fridge and use in three days. I can easily do that, but I also often like to have some jerky in my locker at work to snack on here and there, so this is no good for that.


I love ice cream, and So Delicious cashew is my favourite. But it is expensive here. I hadn't tried any of their blocks, but I found this box on sale plus an extra 20% off for being a member, so how could I say no? And it was good!

So Delicious Cashew Ice Creams

Finally, some Shiitake Dumplings. There are a number of vegan gyoza/dumplings available, and I like to have them on hand for a quick lunch. This had a number of different cooking options, so I went easy and just boiled these. They were lovely and mushroomy, and I doused them in black vinegar.

Shiitake Dumplings (boiled)

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara in a tree

Last post I shared a photo of a koala in a tree, and Dim Sim in a tree. Here is Sahara in a tree. The same tree that Dim Sim was in last post, from back in our Sydney days. Did you know that you should never call a Koala a koala bear? There is a whole song about it: 'Please don't call me a koala bear, for I'm not a bear at all! Please don't call me a koala bear, it's driving me up the wall.' BUT, you can definitely call Sahara a bear, because she was my bear!

Oh, and happy Halloween/spooky day to those of you who like to celebrate it! Sahara was always ready dressed as a pumpkin.


  1. Your sundae looks incredible, and those dumplings look great, too! Sweet Sahara <3

    1. Sometimes ice cream for breakfast is just the way to go.