Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Eating Out: Fitz+Potts and Ciao Gelato (Plant Edition)

I've been to Fitz+Potts a couple of times before. It was a quirky little place with vegan options, however at the beginning of this year they have gone completely vegan, how awesome is that? Still very quirky. I recently decided to try and adopt some indoor plants (more on that later) and the place I was going to get them was but a block away, so of course I had to stop in for some lunch first.

They are famous for their vegan jaffles, and they have some amazing filling combinations. I got one with katsu, golden Japanese curry sauce, kewpie, fried shallot, water chestnut, pickled cucumber, and cheeze. It was pretty good, though I would have liked it to be a bit more gooey on the inside, and the hot pickled cucumber was a bit odd. But a tasty combination. They normally serve the jaffles with a side of potato chips, which I am not a fan of. So I got some fries instead. They don't have a side serving of fries, so I had to get the full serve. Normally not problem, but unfortunately these were not very good fries. They were luke warm, soggy, and over seasoned.

Katsu Curry Jaffle with Fries at Fitz & Potts

Inside Katsu Curry Jaffle at Fitz & Potts

Fitz+Potts is right across the road from Ciao Gelato, a place with several vegan options. You can see previous visits here. Fitz+Potts does sell a few of their vegan pops, but I prefer to go to the original place for a wider variety of options and being able to get a cone. On this day I got one of my favourites, the passionfruit, along with a new favourite, Turkish Delight.

Passionfruit and Turkish Delight at Ciao Gelato

The reason I went over that way was to visit The Plant Lounge, as I had been yearning to buy some cute indoor plants for my room. This was a Big Deal. I have a black thumb, but I really wanted them. And The Plant Lounge is a smaller, very personalised plant shop. It seemed the best place for me rather than going to a big nursery. I'd emailed with the owner before I went, and she is an absolute delight. And I brought home three new friends.

Plants from The Plant Lounge

From left to right: Buffy (ponytail palm), Bethany (baby rubber plant peperomia),and Beatrice (peperomia rosso). Sadly, Beatrice has died. And I just found out on Sunday when I was watering them that Buffy seems to have mealy bug. Oh no! I am really hoping that I don't lose her too. Bethany seems OK still. Being a plant parent is terrifying! But they bring such a lovely energy to the room, I guess I will keep on trying.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim in ferns

Dim Sim also loves certain plants. Out in the catmax, there is a patch of ferns. As you know, she loves a good cave, and she has made herself a nice little cave in the ferns for some fresh air napping.


  1. have you tried getting a moisture meter? I heard it is a life saver. Just stick it into the soil and it will tell you whether you need to water it or not. I feel like 99% of black thumbs are either watering too much or too little.

    1. Ooooh, I have not heard of them. I am going back to the plant shot next week, so I will ask about them.

  2. The jaffle sounds so fun, and I'm wishing you luck with your remaining plants!
    What a cozy little hideaway Dim Sim has made for herself!

    1. She makes herself a cave where ever she goes. Much like her mum, she loves being cosy.