Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Eating Out: Pitstop Pizza

I have some friends who are totally down for early dinners, which is great. I love a place that is open so that if I finish work at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, I can meet up with them for a 4.30 dinner and then get home for a nice early night. The most recent of these dinners out was at Pitstop Pizza, which conveniently does not close between lunch and dinner. While not all vegan, they have a vegan menu. It focuses on vegetables, with no mock meats, but does have vegan cheese. Plus some vegan desserts! I have been there once before, and you can read about that here.

I was called to the Vegan Melanzana Pizza, which had homemade pizza sauce, vegan cheese, eggplant, fresh tomato, onion, capers and garlic. This was lovely and fresh, and I loved the tangy bursts from the capers.

Melanzana Pizza at Pitstop Pizza

One of my friends ordered the Vegan Bruschetta Pizza, with homemade pizza sauce, fresh tomato, onion, garlic, basil, oregano, Kalamata olives, vegan cheese on top.

Bruschetta Pizza with Fresh Chiles at Pitstop Pizza

And I didn't get an individual photo of the pizza my other friend had, but you can see it in the back of this photo. It was the Vegan Marinated - homemade pizza sauce, vegan cheese, marinated roasted capsicum, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts.

Pizzas (Melanzanne, Bruschetta, Marinated) at Pitstop Pizza

Finally, I tried a bit of my friend's apple pie. Really, their pie is more like strudel.

Apple Pie at Pitstop Pizza

Another friend of mine went the following week with her partner, and she brought home some vegan peanut butter baklava that I tried. Very sweet, but very nice! No photo though, sorry.

Pitstop Pizza - 1/433 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo, QLD

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

Another sleepy Dim Sim photo, this time on her pinky. Her pinky, for those who don't know, is a folded up pink generic brand Snuggie that is placed on top of a cushion. Years ago I got the snuggie for me to wear during winter. Foolish, foolish human. It was almost immediately claimed by Dim Sim. If I even think about using it to keep myself warm, I get a very shocked and angry look from Dim Sim!


  1. Yum!! It's really amazing that there are so many vegan options for pizza now!!!
    Ha, Dim Sim has her pink snuggie, my girls have their pink sweater! When I wash the sweater, they get in such a panic!!!!

    1. Oh yes, the pinkie must be there. Be it a snuggie or a sweater, our girls have their needs!

  2. All of that pizza looks SO GOOD. Especially the bruschetta pizza!!

  3. Each pizza sounds amazing; I think I would go with the marinated one if I had to choose!
    Sweet Dim Sim, she looks so comfy!

  4. Aww sleepy baby! So sweet! The pizza looks so amazing and I would definitely be into that apple pie strudel thing. That sounds soooo good!

    1. I love when places have vegan desserts.