Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sydney Feb 2014 - Part Two

That evening, Leigh and her partner J took me to dinner at Rubyos. If you book ahead, they will do a fancy vegan tasting menu. I had heard about these, but this was my first time actually eating. Please forgive some of the photos, it was dark in the restaurant. I also didn't write down what everything was, so I am casting my mind back to nine months ago and trying to remember what is actually in the photos. I believe it went:
- Hummus, tabbouleh, pita, olives and sundried tomato
- Broccoli salad with candied hazelnuts
- Couscous stuffed squash with red capsicum sauce
- Roasted beetroot with parsnip chips and walnuts
- Crispy tofu with noodles and asian vegetables
- Croquettes on a bed of lentils
- Asparagus with sauce
- Potatoes of awesome

Hummus, tabbouleh, sundried tomatoes, pita, olives - Rubyos

Salad - Rubyos

Stuffed Squash - Rubyos

Roasted beetroot, parsnip chips and walnuts - Rubyos

Tofu and Noodles - Rubyos

Croquettes with lentils - Rubyos

Asparagus - Rubyos

Potatoes of awesome - Rubyos

Obviously, the potatoes of awesome speak for themselves. Why did they not bring a whole bowl full of these?? I can also remember that the croquettes were amazing, though I don't remember what was in them. Another favourite was the roasted beetroot and parsnip chips, I love some crispy parsnip! But it was all pretty yummy, I highly recommend going if you get a chance.

After dinner we stopped off at Gelato Blue, which was conveniently on the way back to Leigh's place from Rubyos. This time I got a scoop of chocolate hazelnut in a cone - yay for vegan cones!

Choc Hazelnut in a cone - Gelato Blue

Our morning plans of going to Mad Hatter bakery for breakfast were scuttled after they announced they would be closed on the Sunday because it was Mardi Gras the night before (we didn't go to that, after dinner and ice cream we went home, I get tired early), and unfortunately Mad Hatter has since closed so I will never have croissants. Instead we went back to Sadhana Kitchen for some Cool Mint smoothies. We wanted something light before our early lunch of Lord of the Fries. LotF is a Melbourne chain that has also opened up a Sydney shop, and it is basically vegetarian and vegan fast food. People had raved about it, but I had never tried it. I wanted to try everything, so I ordered up big. I ordered the Big Mark Burger, the Chick'n Burger, and a Munch Box of chips, onion rings, gravy and cheese.

Onion rings, chips, gravy, cheese Lord of the Fries

Big Mac equivalent Lord of the Fries

Chicken burger Lord of the Fries

I really wanted to love this, and while I didn't hate it, I was a bit meh on it. I ate too much of it, which left me feeling slightly icky. I would definitely try it again (they have a poutine and bacon burger special at the moment that looks amazing), but maybe just one burger this time.

After all that indulgence, I didn't really feel like eating much of anything else before I flew home. However I was a bit peckish at the airport, so I did order some guac and tortilla chips from Mad Mex. Why do they give such a small amount of guac for so many chips? WHY!?!?!?!?

Guac and Chips from Mad Mex at the airport

So ended my Sydney trip, but I need to talk about the most important thing that happened during it. Leigh introduced me to the wonder of the TV show Twin Peaks, and we watched the whole first season of it while I was there. I knew of it, of course, but had never seen it before. I loved it! I especially love Special Agent Dale Cooper, played by a young and very pretty Kyle MacLachlan. She sent me home with the DVDs of the second season. This is important, and will influence things in future posts.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post


Leigh's beautiful cat Squeak, who graciously let me share her house, though she judged me with every glare.


  1. We recently re-watched both seasons of Twin Peaks, and the movie. I hadn't seen them since they were originally on TV and had forgotten heaps....
    There is so much wonderful vegan food in Sydney! I am sorry to hear that Revolution has closed down. Leigh invited me there when I was over for a yoga course in February. It was fantastic! I agree the hazelnut chai was delicious, and the awesome quinoa, kale and tempeh bowl, and the yummy nachos.

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  3. The food you got at Rubyos looks so fancy. I love the plating.