Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sydney Feb 2014 - Part One

Help, I can't stop blogging. It is like MoFo has infected my brain!! I just keep on writing up drafts for new blog posts, I have three more already written to go. Is there a medication for this?? Or do I just ride this crazy MoFo fever as long as it lasts?

I was scheduled to go down to Sydney earlier this year for a Whoniverse convention, however that was sadly canceled. I had already booked my flights and arranged to stay with my wonderful friend Leigh, so I went down anyway for a fun weekend of eating. Leigh lives in the best location ever for walking to vegan food places in Sydney. Hurrah!

I got in on Friday afternoon, and Leigh immediately took me for a snack. This was my first ever visit to Revolution (sadly now closed) and we got some Disco Fries to share - chunky chips with gravy and melted cheese. The perfect pick me up after that arduous one and a half hour flight from Brisbane to Sydney!

Disco Fries - Revolution

For dinner we went to one of my favourite places from when I used to live in Sydney, Green Palace. Green Palace is now called Blossum Lotus, but will always be Green Palace to me. We ordered some of my favourite dishes from this Thai vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant - Satay Sticks, Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice and 'Duck' and Lychee Curry.

Satay - Green Palace

Pad Thai - Green Palace

'Duck' and Lychee Curry - Green Palace

Pineapple Fried Rice - Green Palace

It was mostly as good as I remembered. The only let down was the Pad Thai. For me to order a Pad Thai over a Pad See Ew, it has to be a pretty spectacular Pad Thai. This Pad Thai used to be giant and abundant, but seemed to have been scaled down in both size and flavour department. Next time I will definitely be getting the Pad See Ew, because I remember loving that.

After dinner we went to Gelato Blue, which has an entire case of delicious vegan flavours. I chose a scoop of peanut butter brownie (yum!) and a scoop of chocolate hazelnut (oh my gosh yum!) in a cup (not pictured because it was just too blurry for words).

Gelato Blue

The next morning we went to Sadhana Kitchen, a mostly raw place, for breakfast. I had a Daily Green smoothie and Leigh had the Cool Mint smoothie (the daily greens in nice, but the minty one is the best), and we both ordered the Banana Crepes. These crepes are amazing, how are they raw? Magic! Crepes, bananas, berry, caramel sauce and a scoop of cashew/coconut. The only downside was that the little scoop has gotten a lot more coconut fatty since I first had them a year ago, and too much coconut fat makes me feel sick.

Minty Green Smoothie - Sadhana

Raw Banana Crepe - Sadhana

We followed this up with a Hazelnut Milk Chai from Revolution, which was delicious. I am very picky about my chai, most places make it far too sweet or get the spice blend out of whack, but this was pretty good (the best chai ever is still the spicy chai from Sweetpea in Portland). Granted I think the hazelnut milk also added a wonderful flavour of its own.

Chai - Revolution

Our next stop was meeting up with people for a late brunch/early lunch and Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher. I had been to Suzy's at their previous location on my last visit. However their new store has a bigger menu and more seating. They have several breakfast options to choose from, as well as the option to add on. Leigh went for gold by ordering a big breakfast with all the extra add ons - toast, sausages, bacon, polenta, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, hash browns, scrambled tofu, white beans and avocado. Wow! There was a moment of hilarity when it all came out to the table. I ordered the Hash Brown Breakfast (hash browns, bacon, spinach, tomatoes and toast) with a side of avocado and a side of white beans. It was all delicious! Leigh couldn't finish all of hers, so I got to sample pretty much everything in the end. Suzy's also make all their own sausages, bacon, seitan, schnitzel and cutlets, which they have for sale to the public.

Leigh's Big Breakfast

Hash brown breakfast with a side of white beans - Suzy Spoons

With full tummies we went for a waddle down to The Cruelty Free Shop so I could pick up a few goodies I can't get here. The Cruelty Free Shop is my favourite vegan shop in Australia, they have great products and always have such a strong vegan message, plus they help organise and sponsor some great vegan events! We took a brief rest and had some citrus iced tea at Sappho's Books, a lovely second hand bookstore with a vegan-friendly cafe and kitties.

Iced Tea from Sappho's

I will have more to share for this trip in my next post - lots more yummy food to come!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Kitty at Sappho's

One of the lovely kitties at Sappho's cafe.


  1. You really do have MoFo fever! So much delicious looking food but I really, really want the PB Brownie gelato!

  2. That dish filled in a pineapple sounds delish.