Monday, 13 October 2014

Sydney April 2014 - Part Two

The morning of CumberCon dawned, and Leigh made one of her famous green smoothies (she is seriously a green smoothie genius) to get us going.

We packed a bag full of goodies to get us through the day, including Pizza Slices (from Revolution), felafel rolls (from Manoosh) and Hot Cross Buns (from Suzy Spoons). There were some other things as well, that I can't remember and didn't take photos of. We also took Cribbage, because we knew from experience that at this sort of convention there was a whole lot of waiting around.

Pizza slice - Revolution

Falafel Roll - Manoosh

Hot cross bun - Suzy Spoon's



CumberPic! Please excuse the shininess of it, it is a photo taken by my phone of the actual photo, rather than my original photo scanned.


After a day of CumberSwooning we caught a bus back into Newtown, where it was back to business. Leigh went to pick up dinner and I went to pick up ice cream, before heading back for a night of Twin Peaks watching.

We got dinner from Vina's, a great vegan Vietnamese place. I seem to have only taken a photo of my tom yum soup, which was good. I think Leigh had some sort of fried rice.

Tom Yum soup - Vinas

In preparation for this trip, I had bought a Groupon to Gelato Blue for four scoops of gelato. Oh yes! I got coconut, strawberry, peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut. Bliss.

Lots of ice cream from Gelato Blue - Coconut, strawberry, peanut butter, choc hazelnut

That night we finished the final episode of Twin Peaks, and then watched the Veronica Mars movie to put some space between BOB and sleepy times. Then it was time to sleep so I could be up to head back to Brisbane the next morning. On my way to the airport on Monday, I stopped off at Allen's Bakery on Enmore Road to pick up a vegan meat sandwich that a Sydney friend enthusiastically recommended. A crusty roll with slices of some sort of vegan luncheon-type meat and lots of fresh salad and herbs, this was a great packed lunch to take with me on the plane!

Roll from Allen's bakery

So ended another fun weekend in Sydney. I have another trip planned to Sydney (and beyond!) which is coming up at the beginning of November, I can't wait!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Orange kitty at UTS

The Cumberbatch convention was held at UNSW, which has a colony of kitties on campus. This gorgeous orange miss consented to let us worship and pat her when we went out for a walk. Her colour is so striking!!


  1. She's a UNSW kitty ;) I think I had the seaweed fried rice. It is my favourite! The CumberVenture was fun :)

  2. Awww, that kitty is lovely. I love random encounters with cats!