Saturday, 25 October 2014

Seattle 2014: Part 4

Back to Seattle! After the thrilling adventures of the day before, I decided that there was no better way to start my Sunday than with breakfast at my favourite Seattle breakfast place, Wayward Vegan Cafe. I ordered the Cheesy Scramble, which came with steamed garlic kale and toast, and a side of avocado. Outstanding! The scramble was beautiful, a soft tofu, but not smooshy, slightly oozy from the melty Daiya. The only issue I had was that the toast seemed to be spread with quite a lot of oil. I would prefer oil-free toast and just smear with the avocado. But even so, this was a seriously good breakfast. So good that someone asked what it was so that they could order it for themselves.

Cheesy Scramble with Kale and Toast; Side of Avocado at Wayward

Wayward is not far from Chaco Canyon Cafe, so I stopped in there after for a green smoothie. This is their Really Green Smoothie, which had greens, banana and apple juice in it.

Really Green Smoothie from Chaco Canyon

Afterwards I spent some time wandering around University Way looking at the shops, and strolling up and down looking at the pretty street with sorority and fraternity houses, before stopping by the Henry Art Gallery. Every year they have an exhibition of Masters projects from students at the university. I had really enjoyed it last year, so was please to be in town when it was going to be on this year. It was another great show, and there were a couple of works that seemed to have direct ties to animal rights. I hope to be able to see it again next year!

Then it was a bus to the place I had been dreaming about for the last year - a trip back to Violet Sweet Shoppe! The sweetest bakery in the world. I had been hoping to get custard fruit tart, but they sell out super quick, so I had a beautiful lemon tart instead. And I am happy to report that the cream is very light on the coconut, no coconut fat death head for me!

Lemon Tart at Violet's


I also got two cookies - a Snickerdoodle and a Lemon Raspberry Cookie - to take away and share with my mum (who was coming back to Seattle that evening) back at the hotel.

Lemon Raspberry Cookie from Violet's

Snickerdoodle from Violet's

Full of sugar, I went for a stroll down to University Village, a shopping center near the uni. I knew that there was a third location of Veggie Grill, but had otherwise assumed that this would be standard supply shops for university students. This is actually a super swanky shopping center full of some very cute shops and one of the fanciest bathrooms I have ever visited. I then took a little hike up to Ravenna Park for some greenery. It is pretty.

Ravenna Park

Ravenna Park

And I finally saw a SQUIRREL! The only SQUIRREL! I saw this trip. They wouldn't sit still, so enjoy the blurry photo. Also a lovely big black crow. Or possibly a raven.

Ravenna Park

Ravenna Park

After a big walk, I was ready for some dinner. Looping back around to where I started my day, I did some essential vegan shopping at Vegan Haven, just across the road from Wayward. It is also right next to Pizza Pi. I got the Mac and Yeese pizza, with additional pineapple and olives because I like it like that. This was outstanding! So good!! I also got a Garden Salad with Garlic Tahini Sauce as a side dish. Even a side dish was a great big bowl - I love that about the US! A side of salad here is tiny.

Mac and Yeese Pizza with pineapple and olives from Pizza Pi

Garden Salad with Garlic Tahini Dressing at Pizza Pi

Afterwards I caught a bus home. I was a little full, so I stopped into the Westlake Starbucks to order some peppermint tea, extra strong. I had also stopped in the night before, and the same woman was serving and she remembered me and was super lovely. Then back to the hotel to drink my tea and eat some cookies!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara before I leave

I always travel with photos of my cats saved onto my camera and my phone so I gaze at them anytime I need to, and I also took a photo of each of them right before I left for the USA. This is Sahara's shot. As you can see, she is sleeping quite peacefully and not caring at all that I am about to leave her for two weeks.