Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Eating In: Noodles, spring rolls, soups, tofu

Welcome to another edition of foods we have had delivered because I can't go out to eat anymore because of the pandemic!

Part of my trawling through UberEats looking for places with sneaky vegan options uncovered Wok N Toss, which a few things clearly marked vegan on the menu. Yay! Of course I just went straight up classic with the Vegetarian Delight with Cashew Nut and Tofu. And it was delightful! I also tried some of their vegan spring rolls.

Vegan Spring Rolls from Wok n Toss

Vegetarian Cashew Delight with Tofu and Coconut Rice from Wok n Toss

I was feeling icky one day so when Mum wanted to order from Michael's Oriental, I just went super simple with some vegan chicken and sweet corn soup, and some Chinese greens in garlic sauce. As well as a little bit of rice. Their garlic sauce is kind of meh, but I have found that if I mix in some vegan oyster mushroom sauce from my fridge, it perks it up fantastically.

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup and Asian Veggies and Garlic Sauce from Michael's Oriental

I had posted previously about being underwhelmed by Kinn Thai's offerings. But gave them another shot, especially once I found out that the Pad See Ew could be made vegan. I love Pad See Ew! And the Pad See Ew was alright! But we also tried the vegan Garlic and Chive Dumpings and the Corn Fritters. The fritters were fried but soggy. The dumplings really just dough that had been cut and then super deep fried so that it was just greasy. So still very meh.

Garlic and Chive Dumpings, Pad See Ew, Corn Fritters from Kinn Thai

My random scrolling also uncovered that a Noodle Box has a specific vegan section on their menu as well! I ordered the Vegan Black Bean with Rice Noodles. I ordered the large, and it was HUGE! My parents ordered the regular for their dinners, which looked really small until you opened the box and tipped it out and there was plenty in there. I ended up saving half of mine for leftovers because I couldn't eat it all. We also got some vegan spring rolls.

Vegetable Spring Rolls from Noodle Box

Vegan Black Bean Rice Noodles (large) from Noodle Box

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

After sitting on my lap for a while, Dim Sim quickly decided that paying attention to feline medicine conference lectures was for me, and she moved onto her blankie pile and promptly went to sleep.


  1. Oh, wow, secret vegan food! Sorry about the sad fried things. Fried food is either amazing or a major disappointment. It's hard to understand how there is so rarely much in between!

    1. I have such a low tolerance for fried food as well, so what little I can eat I want to be amazing.

  2. I agree about the fried foods, either amazing or terrible!
    I found some wide rice noodles at the Asian market, so I can try and make homemade Pad See Ew!!
    I think Dim Sim made the right choice in napping!!

    1. I wish I could have joined Dim Sim in the napping! I look forward to seeing your Pad See Ew.