Monday, 16 October 2017

VeganMoFo 2017 #16: Apocalypse Nowish

16th: Survival food – There’s a zombie apocalypse! What can you make from just canned or foraged food?

I am pretty sure an apocalypse of one sort or another is coming, and let me tell you my top apocalypse tip. Die in the first wave. I am not a survivor, I don't do well without the basic necessities (like electricity and plumbing and heat), and my knees are bad so I can't really run for my life. Pretty sure if I had to forage food for myself I would end up eating the poisonous whatever. Having to run around and be chased and rough it... ugh. No thank you. Other people can do that, I will just be dead. :)

I do have a large stash of food though, so I would recommend a stop by my house (excuse my corpse) for anyone who needs to grab some supplies. First up, my freezer is full of Field Roast, Tofurky, Beyond Meat, Frys and others, so I would suggest having a huge fry up (I have a gas BBQ out on the deck) of these before they spoil. Hopefully the smell won't attract the zombies. Oh, and eat the So Delicious cashew ice cream as well because that is super expensive here in Australia and it would be a shame to go to waste.

Then there are my cupboards. I have rice, pasta, and several grains (including some fancy ones). I have tins of beans, tomatoes, pumpkin puree, and jackfruit (if they are slow moving zombies you probably will have time to make a nice pulled BBQ). I have jars and bottles of sauces, spreads, condiments, and sweeteners. There are bags of nuts and dried fruits. I also have a large collection of different flours and sugars (as well as assorted other baking things), should you fancy making some experimental damper on your travels. Oh, lots of gluten free flours as well, so everyone can share. I have cartons of oat milk, noodle cups, lots of chocolate, and a huge collection of snack and energy bars. In short, I've got you covered, I'll be dead, you are welcome to it all!

Here is a quick photo of my cupboard, so you can vaguely see what is in there (not all vegan, I live with omnivores). But also be sure to check out the cupboard under the stairs when you get here, and the bag of snacks on the wine rack (there is lots of wine there, though not all of it is vegan... oh, there's a liquor cabinet as well... you know... if you want) to get everything!

My cupboard

In the spirit of MoFo, I did make some food using almost all stuff from the cupboard.

Perfect Pantry Pasta from More Quick-Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson: This book includes a chapter using almost only pantry ingredients. These is a simple pasta dish using crushed tomatoes, red wine (excellent as I had a tiny bit to use up), olives and seasonings. It does use fresh garlic, but you could easily use garlic powder instead. I left out the chile, of course, and added some kidney beans. Served over spinach fettuccine (and some very non-pantry baby spinach). I didn't measure out the olives, just kind of plonked them in. I think I didn't use the full half cup, which I would recommend as the olives added a delightful salty burst. I topped it with nooch after the photo (yes, I have lots of that as well).
Rating: :)

Perfect Pantry Pasta

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post - Month of Sahara

Sahara toes

Sahara had the most glorious rosy pink bean toes.


  1. Susan, this post was hilarious; thank you for the laugh! :D
    And those Sahara toe beans are adorable!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I am committed to plan.

  2. I just laughed so hard at this. I will come over and defend you from zombies if you cook me pasta! Although actually,I probably would fare well in Australian heat!

    Omgosh them BEANS!

    1. Best beans!

      Now, in this defending me from zombies scenario... can I stay in my house with electricity and plumbing? If so I will happily make you pasta! If we are on the run, I'll just be dead thanks. ;)


    Don't worry, I will roam the land talking about how Susan was the first to go, adding to my jaded facade.

    1. Yes, speak of my legend. She who gave up and just died. Perhaps a cautionary tale? Perhaps the wisest of us all? ;)