Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Eating Out: Vegeme

I've been to VegeMe a couple of times since I last posted about it. I've gone a bit off going there, to be honest. The mains are often underwhelming, and I find a lot of the starters (the best part of the menu) to be a bit too oily or salty for me. But it is still a good option to have available, lots of people like it! This is what I have had there the last few times...

Lychee Green Tea (refreshing) and orange juice (served in a ridiculous lightbulb glass).

Lychee Green Tea and Orange Juice at Vegeme

I was pretty intrigued to try the Carbamboo Rice Squares ($6.50), which are carbonised bamboo in sticky rice. Unfortunately these were just so, so, so salty.

Charred Bamboo Rice Squares at Vegeme

I am always a fan of the radish cakes ($5.90).

Radish Cakes at Vegeme

My friend and I split the bibimbap (ask for them to leave the egg off to be vegan), with the chili sauce on the side (I don't want that). Though the kim chi on it was still off limits to my sensitive palate. The other bits were nice though. This is quite a substantial dish.

Bibimbap at Vegeme

One of my friends loves the Deep-Fried King Oyster Mushroom Strips ($7.95). No surprises, I can only nibble on a few before feeling the effects of the deep fried. But if deep fried is your thing, I have it on authority that these are good.

Salt and Pepper Oyster Mushrooms

The same friend also gets excited for these deep fried Sweet Potato Chunks with Plum Salt ($6.90... they have them in the sweet section of the menu now!). I would end up pulling the sweet potato out of the batter, and then enjoying them with the delicious plum salt.

Sweet Potato Fries at Vegeme

Once I tried the Dry Noodles with Vegetables ($10.50), advertised as noodles and satay sauce. Well, I guess I can't complain too much as they were advertised dry and indeed dry they were. Also kind of lacking in flavour. They tasted more like curry powder than satay.

Dry Noodles with Vegetables at Vegeme

Sweet Corn Soup ($5.50) was large, hot and tasty.

Corn Soup at Vegeme

Here is a bonus doughnut photo. Not from Vegeme, but from a nearby Doughnut Time. This was the Sia Later, a vegan red velvet doughnut with cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet Doughnut from Doughnut Time

I did go to Vegeme again on the weekend just gone, however I will save that for a different post as it was a very special weekend!

Vegeme - 9/220 Boundary St, West End, Brisbane - (07) 3846 2723

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim paw

Dim Sim's perfect little paw.


  1. I can't eat a whole lot of deep fried food either. I used to be able to, but I guess my body has gotten used to not having it and wants to keep it that way!
    I really need to try radish cakes, I've never had them and they always look so good when I see them on your blog!
    Kitty paws!!

    1. Radish cakes are so delightful, they are quite common here in Asian restaurants.
      I don't mind not eating that much deep fried food anymore, to be honest. More flavours in other things!

  2. Radish cakes are the best! Though turnip cakes are also great!

  3. That light bulb glass is crazy!?! I'm the same about deep fried. I like the taste of stuff but it's not worth the acid reflux it results in. Another amazing looking donut. I am convinced from your blog that Australia is the best place in the world for vegan donuts!

    1. We do have our fair share of doughnuts, though the US is pretty amazing!
      The light bulb glass is ridiculous. Literally the morning I went there someone had posted about them and I had scoffed at the idea, and then we were served this!

  4. Mmmmm those radish cakes were so good! I need to get back into Brisbane to eat them ASAP.

    1. They are my favourite thing there. Need more radish cakes. Always.

  5. Radish cakes huh? Do they taste like radish? I'm not a fan, but the cakes look interesting.
    The bibimbap looks good. I remember being quite excited the first time I realized I could generally have this if I ask for it without the egg. One place I go to adds avocado instead. Yum! And they serve the kimchi on the side ;)
    The corn soup looks like it has a design in it - so pretty.
    The sweet potato chunks look really good, too bad your noodle dish was boring :/