Sunday, 28 May 2017

Eating Out: Easy House and Flour Of Life (Thursday Cheap Day edition)

I know, I know. My last post was about yum cha as well. But last Thursday I did it all again with my friend Amy and her husband Cam. We both took the day off work to head on down. On Thursdays, Easy House has their cheap day - all yum cha plates are $5.50! We had been wanting to go down on a Thursday for a while, and it finally happened. Plus we were a party of three - the optimum number for a yum cha date. Of course, we had to stop off at Flour Of Life on the way home.

We started with some Radish Buns and BBQ Buns, both of which are encased with a delicious, flaky pasty. Don't worry, the steamed buns are coming!

Radish Buns and BBQ Buns @ Easy House

Then onto some pan-fried dumplings, sesame prawn rolls, and deep-friend wontons. I'm not a huge fan of the wontons, they are far too deep fried, but I didn't object to nibbling one with some sweet sour sauce. The sesame prawn rolls actually don't taste at all like fake prawn, which I normally hate, so I was pleasantly surprised! And the dumplings are a favourite of mine.

Pan-Fried Dumplings @ Easy House

Sesame Prawn Rolls and Deep Fried Wontons @ Easy House

We also got some original-style Noodles in XO Sauce (as opposed to the special chili-free ones in my last post). This time the chili level was appropriate, still just pushing my boundaries, but didn't make me cry.

Noodles in XO Sauce @ Easy House

Coriander Dumplings and Mushroom Dumplings.

Coriander Dumplings and Mushroom Dumplings @ Easy House

BBQ Steamed Buns and Steamed Dim Sims. Again, people ordering food named after my cat!

Steamed BBQ Buns @ Easy House

Dim Sims @ Easy House

And of course, my favourites! Steamed Beancurd Rolls and Radish Cakes.

Bean Curd Rolls @ Easy House

Radish Cakes @ Easy House

We were pretty happy with our efforts!!

Then it was a stop by Flour of Life on the way home. Of course I got my favourite strawberry flan, but I also got a berry crumble (which was really nice warmed up with some So Delicious Creamy Cashew ice cream) and a mini custard doughnut. Yum!

Berry Crumble, Strawberry Flan, Mini Custard Doughnut from Flour Of Life

I promise my next post will be something other than yum cha!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Burmese Boys

A couple of Burmese brothers.


  1. Hahaha. No mention of the tea 😅 I am always up for more yum cha 😻

    1. Oh right... there was tea. Tea is more just there to help us enjoy the food more. ;)

  2. I could look at those meals and drool for days! The steamed dumplings look so good. And I've never seen wide rice noodles like that, I need those. And I so need to try radish cakes!
    The sweets look amazing too. What a delicious day!
    I love the kitty picture! So handsome!

  3. This is making me even more excited about our very own yum cha date soon! We're going to have to order most of the menu!

    1. I will wear my most elastic pants!! :D

  4. Everything looks so good! I rarely see dumplings on menus here, I wish there were more restaurants like this near me.