Friday, 26 May 2017

Eating Out: Easy House and Flour of Life

Pretty much one of my favourite food days is to visit Easy House Vegetarian for yum cha lunch down at the Gold Coast, and then stop off at the all-vegan Flour Of Life on the way home. This is a trip I took a few weeks ago with my friend Melanie. It was her first visit there, so it was very exciting!

The first tray came around, and we snapped up some Beancurd Rolls (my favourite!), Black Bean Eggplant, and Dim Sims. I'm not normally a dim sim fan when it comes to the food, plus I am not a fan of eating a food named after my cat (logic, obviously it is not the other way around, heh), but these were quite nice.

Beancurd Rolls, Black Bean Eggplant, Dim Sims from Easy House

Next up we have some dumplings (I can't remember what type, they are all tasty), steamed BBQ buns and radish cakes (my second favourite!).

Dumplings from Easy House

Steamed BBQ Buns from Easy House

Radish Cakes from Easy House

In the past, I have cautiously enjoyed their Noodles in XO Sauce. The sauce does push my spice boundaries, but I just love the fat, rolled rice noodles (though I wish they wouldn't put bits of faux prawn in them). However the last time I went, the sauce was far too hot for me to manage, so I was a bit shy of it this time. They very nicely made us some chili-free noodles! With a sweet soy sauce rather than the XO sauce. The noodles were lovely, though with the sweet soy it had a slight pancake vibe, but still very tasty.

Non-XO Noodles from Easy House

There were only two of us eating, so by this point we were fairly satisfied. Then it was off to Flour Of Life on the way home to pick up some goodies! I grabbed a strawberry flan (my favourite!) and passionfruit tart for me, and an almond croissant and custard doughnut for my mum. My dad said he didn't want anything, but he regretted that decision when I got home!

Custard Doughnut, Almond Croissand, Strawberry Flan, Passionfruit Tart from Flour of Life

It was a super fun morning. Melanie also met Dim Sim for the first time, and I have to say that Dim Sim loved her! Dim Sim is a lot braver and more social in life now, but she doesn't normally give that level of attention to people she has just met.

I have since done this trip again, which I will share soon, and will hopefully be going yet again in the next few weeks. So I hope you don't get tired of yum cha and bakery goodies, because this is one theme I am very happy to revisit! You can see my previous posts about Easy House here.

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim

The original Dim Sim.


  1. Yum, it all looks so delicious! I really, really need to try radish cakes I'm so interested. Those wide rice noodles look so good!!
    The original Dim Sim is the best looking!

  2. Everything looks so good, and that's nice that they modified the noodle sauce for you! Cute Dim Sim!

    1. I was really pleased they offered to change the sauce on the noodles. It was very kind of them.

  3. So many dim sims! XD Did you name Dim Sim or was that their name before you adopted?

    1. Some housemates found her as a kitten when we all lived together for uni. We named her Dim Sim after trying a number of other names that didn't fit. It was silly and cute and just seemed to suit her.

  4. I will never get tired of your yum cha posts! Seriously, you could post pics of those bean curd rolls every day, and I would SWOON EVERY TIME. Those rice noodle roll things also sound so amazing!

    1. I took your word for it and posted some more. ;)