Monday, 19 September 2016

Sydney OzComicCon 2016 (Part 2)

Sunday's breakfast was much the same as Saturday's. I had some oats and fruit in my hotel, but this time I was able to score two friands at the venue because they had sent an extra one. I also discovered that the barista in the greenroom, where I had picked up a terrible peppermint tea the day before, could do a lovely vegan soy hot chocolate. So I may have had two of those.

On a non-food note, check out this amazing T-rex cosplay. It was the greatest. You should have seen her run. I love that she has a little grabby stick.

OCC Dino Cosplay

OCC Dino Cosplay

For lunch a had selected the Falafel Wrap option. It was OK, decent amount of falafel. But a little dry and not as filling or as nice as the previous day's curry.

Felafel Wrap from the venue

After the con finished, I was exhausted. My original plan was to get something from Lord of the Fries, which is walking distance from the hotel, and then eat it bed. However, thankfully I was talking to Leigh on Twitter and she inspired me to get back on a train to Newtown for some actual good and fun food.

I relived my uni days with a heaping plate from the Green Gourmet dinner buffet. I can't even remember everything that was on here, but what I can remember was sticky rice, curry noodles, radish cake, steamed bun, steamed pumpkin cake, 'honey' (actually malt syrup) prawns (made from tofu skin twists, not gross mock prawns), BBQ pork, stuffed mushroom, stuffed tofu, stewed radish, mock duck, a few different veggie dishes and some pickles. SO GOOD!

Dinner Buffet Plate from Green Gourmet

And of course I had to go to Gelato Blue afterwards. This time I got a scoop of Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie and a scoop of Salted Belgian Chocolate. In a cone, of course.

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie and Salted Belgian Chocolate from Gelato Blue

On Monday, I didn't have to leave for the airport until 2pm. So I went back into Newtown to meet my friend Jen for brunch at Sadhana Kitchen. We both tried the Pumpkin Spice Lattes (on soy rather than coconut milk). My first one ever! It is like drinking slightly sweet pumpkin soup, which was a bit strange, but we decided we were both into it.

Pumpkin Spice Latte from Sadhana Kitchen

Jen had eaten earlier in the day, and wasn't all that hungry, so she just got a little doughnut. Sadhana's menu has changed quite a bit from the time I was there in January, and they now offer a vegan egg for breakfast options. However it is made from coconut and sweet potato, and I wasn't sure if it would be too coconut fatty for me, so I didn't risk it. Instead I had a Pulled Jackfruit Burger, that also had kraut and shiitake crackling (essentially dehydrated shiitakes) on it. I comes with red pepper mayo, but I had them just use their regular mayo. It also had a slice of cashew cheese, which was nice to try as cheese but didn't really mesh with the rest of the burger. Avocado would have been better.

Mini Doughnut from Sadhana Kitchen

Pulled Jackfruit Slider from Sadhana Kitchen

We had a little stroll around Newtown before Jen took me back to the hotel for me to go to the airport. And I finally got to see Pia! Pia is the puppy that belongs to the framing store on Enmore Road. Bonus puppy photo of the post!


Before leaving Newtown, I picked up a Vegan Roll from Allen's Bakery on Enmore Road so that I had something to eat at the airport, because my flight didn't leave until 4pm and I didn't get home until 5.30pm and I would need something. I love their vegan roll, some sort of vegan deli slice and lots of fresh salads!

Vegan Roll from Allen's

Then it was home and back to my loving kitties!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara Sleeping

Dim Sim sleeping

My two sleeping beauties!


  1. That gelato looks amazing, so creamy!!
    Pia is absolutely adorable!
    Isn't it nice to come home to the kitties?

    1. Leaving the kitties is the worst part about going away, and coming home to the kitties is the best part of going away!

  2. Man such a good post! Ice cream, dinos, dogs, AND a cat. Glad you didn't hate the pumpkin spice latte! Funny since I think most people think it should have a pumpkin flavor, when it originally was just the spices you would use in a pumpkin pie. I don't know when the pumpkin flavor started to become a thing.

    1. I just always assumed that it was pumpkin flavoured, but then it is a very new thing to our far flung shores. Before that was it just regular coffee with the spices added? I don't like coffee, so I am happy for the switch to pumpkin.

  3. Mmm the place below my apartment (there are businesses below my apartment) does a soy hot chocolate. I have to tell Terry not to bring me one home as he likes to bring one home almost every time he gets coffee (which is very often haha).
    That dinosaur is amazing! What a great costume.
    I bet you were glad you got your bum on that train as that buffet of food you got looks amazing. And the ice cream!!! What a gorgeous looking cone. I'm totally drooling over it right now.
    I still haven't tried pumpkin spice latté - it really does seem like a weird concept to me.
    The sleeping kitties are quite adorable =)

    1. Definitely worth dragging myself out of the hotel to go and get some food! Especially the ice cream.