Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sydney OzComicCon 2016 (Part 1)

OzComicCon time has come again! This last weekend I had a visit to Sydney to work at OCC again. This time, in spite of the long hours, I was able to get some decent food!

We arrived at lunchtime, so after checking in to my hotel I went for a walk to buy supplies and to get lunch. I went to a new-to-me place, Miss Chu in a good court on George St. They aren't vegan, but have several vegan options on their menu. The set up there is a bit strange, as the seating is at a counter along the outside of their wall, so I wasn't sure if they would know where I was to bring my food to. They did, but then I was told I had to go back to the front to get my cutlery. Which turns out I couldn't see in the first place because someone was sitting in front of it, and I had to reach over them and their food to get it. Odd. I got the Vegan Pho and the Vegan Peking Pancakes initially. I was disappointed in the pancakes. They have vegetables inside them including a tough, oily, bitter strip of eggplant, and they also had a chili sauce inside rather than a Hoisin-style sauce. The pho was OK, but nothing special. The broth was pretty one note. And for some reason the vegan pho doesn't come with herbs and beansprouts to put on top. I ended up getting some of their tofu and mushroom rice paper rolls to take away, with peanut and plum sauce. These were nice and fresh, but again nothing amazing.

Vegan Pho, Coconut Juice, Vegan Peking Pancakes at Miss Chu's

Vegan Rice Paper Rolls from Miss Chu's

Then it was off to the venue for the walk through, before a bit of time off before getting ready for the cocktail party. I spent some time watching the third episode of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2, then went off to another new-to-me restaurant with my omni roomie for dinner. Peace Harmony is a Vegetarian Thai place, the menu is very mock meat heavy. Kate wasn't very hungry and got the mixed entree, which was a plate of fried stuff. She said the curry puff was good, but the spring roll pastry was too thick and the other stuff wasn't quite to her liking. I got the Pad See Ew with extra tofu instead of the mock meat (I love mock meat, nothing against it, I just wasn't feeling it that night). I love Pad See Ew, but sadly was underwhelmed. It was fine, but the sauce was lacking.

Mixed Entree at Peace Harmony

Pad See Ew at Peace Harmony

After the cocktail party (water only for me) and too little sleep, Saturday dawned and we were off for the first full day of the con. I was pretty excited, as this was the first time that there was a vegan option other than fruit salad for me! Of course I ate a first breakfast before I got there just in case (and also because I am a hungry vegan), which was some oats with blueberries and soymilk and a banana. I also had a bottled silly juice to take along. The breakfast option was a Vegan GF Friand. It was quite small, though at least quite dense. Not too bad. After tragic lunch options in Melbourne, I approached the Sydney ones with caution. On Saturday I had the vegan vegetable curry, which was actually very nice (and mild) and filling. Well done Sydney venue!

Gleegan Friand from the venue

2016-09-10 12.20.37

After we finished for the day, I got myself quick smart into Newtown for dinner with some Sydney friends. We went to Gigi Pizzeria, which makes the best pizza! Unlike last year, we had a very short wait to get in. And then we ordered all of the food! Starting with a stewed artichoke dish that was delicious... served with the most amazing bread. Oh. So. Good.

Stewed Artichoke at Gigi's

We shared two pizzas and a calzone. My favourite Melanzane (San Marzano tomato, grilled eggplant, cherry tomatoes & basil salsa, extra virgin olive oil), the Asparagi (Golden San Marzano tomato, fried asparagus, garlic & basil, extra virgin olive oil) and the Special Calzone (which had spinach and ricotta). They were so good! The eggplant pizza is still one of the best I have ever had (sorry for the dark photo of it), the Asparagus one was so light and garlicky, and the calzone... oh my gosh it was amazing.

Eggplant Pizza at Gigi's

Asparagus Pizza at Gigi's

Spinach and Ricotta Calzone at Gigi's

While Gigi's does have dessert, I like to follow my favourite pizza with my favourite ice cream, so we headed down to Gelato Blue. After expanding their vegan options more and more over, Gelato Blue made the switch to completely vegan earlier this year. They use coconut as their base, but it is not too coconut fatty for me (though some flavours are a bit too strong with the coconut for me, so I always taste test!). I got a cone with a scoop of the new Black Forest on the bottom and a scoop of old favourite Peanut Butter Cornetto on top. So good! Michelle got a double scoop of Sticky Date and Mint Chip, and Elizabeth got a scoop of Hokey Pokey.

Peanut Butter Cornetto and Black Forest from Gelato Blue

Hokey Pokey, Sticky Date, Mint Chip from Gelato Blue

I love Gelato Blue! Best ice cream ever!! I was full of pizza and ice cream, two of my favourite things, and I was very happy. Plus, bonus, I was just pleasantly full, not uncomfortably full, so go team! Then it was back to the hotel for not enough sleep before the next day!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Sahara woken from nap

Dim Sim in her cave

Photos of my girls sent to me by my mum while I was away. Dim Sim is hiding out in her chair cave, which is one of her favourite spots to spend the day.


  1. The pizzas & calzone sound amazing, and the ice cream, too! Dim Sim's chair cave looks like the perfect hiding spot!

    1. She loves her cave so much.
      Gigi's and Gelato Blue are my favourite places in Sydney.

  2. Haha, I love the chair cave! Good to hear that the food at the event has improved and that you found some fab stuff outside of it. You can tell just from looking at the photo how good that bread is!

    1. Definitely improved food! Last year's Sydney was fruit salad all around, with a friend who brought me lunch. But as she has moved away from Sydney, the vegan options were very appreciated!

  3. I can't imagine eating Pho with no fresh herbs or bean sprouts. I feel like the fresh herbs make the dish! The pizza looks AMAZING! I love Dim Sums chair cave!

    1. It was so strange. And I saw someone getting a meaty pho and they had the been sprouts... gimme!

  4. The food at the beginning of the trip sounds a little disappointing, but the pizza sounds like it made up for everything! A vegan calzone? That used to be one of my favourite things before going vegan, I'm not sure I've come across one since going vegan (and definitely not since going gluten-free haha). And the ice cream!!!!

    1. The food definitely picked up on the second day!