Thursday, 8 September 2016

Eating Out: Khot Thai (Takeaway Edition)

Good news! VeganMoFo is coming back this year in November. I am super excited and can't wait to take part. Planning is afoot! Anyway, let's talk Thai food.

Earlier this year a new Thai place, Khot Thai, opened up just up the road from work. Thai isn't always the most vegan friendly, full of shrimp paste and fish sauce lurking in places that can't always be taken out of the dish, but when I had a look at their menu I was thrilled to see lots of little 'V' icons everywhere for things that could be made vegan! They also have lunch specials. So you know what followed, I have had a lot of Thai takeaway for lunch over the past several months.

The first thing I got was the Pad see Ew, one of my favourite dishes ever! Happy to report that it was great.

Lunch Special Pad See Ew from Khot Thai

One day I got the Pad Thai and also some of their Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce. The peanut sauce was delicious! Unfortunately the Pad Thai was super oily (though I have had it again when eating it and it wasn't oily at all, so maybe just a bad day).

Pad Thai and Tofu with Peanut

The 'Perfect' is a sauce of coconut, shallots, onion, potato and sweet potato in a unique and tasty sauce. It was a little bit too heavy on the coconut and a bit too sweet, but was still nice.

Perfect Lunch Special

I also got the yellow curry, which was nice and mild... though I've had it again and it was a bit spicier! Picutured here with a turmeric ginger latte and a juice.

Vegan Yellow Curry

Here are some other things that my workmates have ordered... only the vegan things of course. But in fact I think no one ordered anything non-vegan from there for lunch at work, so that is cool.

Tofu Larb Salad.

Tofu Larb Salad

Tofu Pad Kee Mao.

Tofu Pad Kee Mao

Vegan Curry Puffs.

Vegan Curry Puffs

Vegan O-Cha Rolls.

Vegan Rice Paper Rolls

Khot Thai is great! Also lots of gluten free options, if that is what you are after. I have since been there to eat in, and also for an epic takeaway feast. And I am sure there are many lunches from there in my future as well. I love it!

Khot Thai - 257 Given Tce, Paddington, QLD - 3505 0360

I am off to Sydney in the morning for another round of OzComicCon. As always, I will be very busy with the con, but I have a few fun food times planned. The venue is also providing some vegan options for breakfast and lunch (same for the Brisbane venue next weekend), so I will report back. No more fruit salad for me!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim lap cat

My little black lap kitty. Dim Sim has lost a bit more weight recently, so we are trying to up her appetite meds and feed her up. She gets her bloods checked in a couple of months to see how her kidneys are going.


  1. I want some of all that food! Except for the oily pad Thai! I love a good peanut sauce! I'm sitting here with my own lap kitty, Roxy making it very hard to type! Yay for your coworkers eating vegan food!

    1. Lap kitties are such good kitties, even if you have to type around them. ;)
      Sahara will often sit right next to me with her butt on my wrist while I am trying to type.

  2. Wow, amazing food! Wish we had somewhere that does such good vegan thai. Please to hear you are doing Mofo again. Are you going to do a theme or stick with the prompts? Have fun at the comic con.

    1. I'm going with the prompts, though I did think of a cute theme, but the prompts are fun and ensure I don't run out of steam. Time to start planning!

  3. That place looks amazing!! Pad See Ew is my fave too, and I always order that when I eat Thai food. That Tofu Larb Salad looks great too. And a turmeric ginger latte — yum! Have fun at ComicCon!!

  4. It looks like there are so many fun things at this restaurant! I would love to try that turmeric ginger latte and curry puffs

    1. I forgot the clarify that the latte was from another place, but it is a place just down from Khot Thai so I can go and get a drink while I am waiting for my lunch to be ready. Paddington has some good vegan food for me!

  5. That food all looks so good! Even though I don't have a blog, I am really looking forward to Vegan Mofo because I love reading all the blogs ;)
    I hope you are enjoying your time in Sydney :)

    1. So many blogs to read during MoFo! I am looking forward to participating.

  6. Yay MoFo! I just heard recently too. I have the theme tab open on my computer hoping inspirational will hit me and I can get a jump on things soon.
    The fried tofu & peanut sauce looks amazing! It's too bad about the pad thai... I get nervous trying it at places for this very reason.
    Totally drooling over those curry puffs!
    Hope you have (had?) fun at ComicCon =)

    1. The curry puffs were exceptional, definitely the best entree I've had from there so far. Though the peanut sauce, breathtaking.

  7. I was excited to hear about MoFo too and relieved to hear it would take place in November. =)
    You know what? I would think I have ever had Pad See Ew!
    At first, I thought you had ordered all of the dishes pictured in this post! =)
    I haven't had Thai food in a while now. What a shame.
    I love how they indicate what dishes can be made vegan... too often, they only indicate the vegetarian options.

  8. *I DON'T think I have ever had Pad See Ew =)

    1. I didn't order them all at once, but I recently got some takeaway from there with a friend and we got so much!
      If you see Pad See Ew on a menu, I recommend giving it a try!

    2. Yes, I should... Or maybe I could somehow try out a recipe during VeganMoFo. I think Vegan Eats World might have one?