Monday, 26 September 2016

Eating Out: Lost Boys

A few months ago my wonderful friend Nicole came for a visit from Canada. Nicole is originally from Australia, but has left our shores and is now being super awesome in Toronto. We had the chance to catch up for lunch with some other friends while she was here, and she decided to try out Lost Boys, a vegetarian/vegan cafe in Fortitude Valley. It was the first time any of us had been there, but I had heard a lot about them. They have vegan gluten-free waffles for breakfast that have been Instagrammed far and wide.

Lost Boys has a super cute interior, with a fake tree and fairy lights and bookshelves. The menus are pasted into the front of old books. I almost felt that I was not cool enough to be in such a place!

Lost Boys decor

The breakfast menu was over by the time we got there, but they had their lunch and snacks menu available (they also serve their avocado toast all day... though it has haloumi and I am not sure if they sub anything for the vegan option or if they just take it off). They no longer seem to have their menu online, so I will have to remember things as best I can!

We all started with some drinks. Brendan and Di both got their pretty Ice Teas, Nicole had the Iced Coconut Mocha, and I had a chai latte (acceptable, not brilliant).

The Iced Tea at Lost Boys

Iced Coconut Mocha at Lost Boys

Soy Chai Latte at Lost Boys

The menu is pretty small, and unfortunately they were no longer offering the root vegetable pizza I had my eye on. Nicole and I were the only vegans (the other two ordered vegetarian, so no photos of their food), and we both ended up ordering the veggie burger with no cheese. Unfortunately mine came out with cheese on it, and then there was a very long wait until they brought me a new one. The burger was very filling! The 'patty' was more like a semi-solid hummus that smooshed everywhere when you cut into it (it wasn't a pick up in your hands kind of burger), but it was tasty. It also had avocado, mushrooms and carmelised onions on it. Served with some corn chips drizzled in balsamic. We were all very full!

Veg Burger at Lost Boys

Unfortunately their dessert case was pretty sad for vegans, unless you wanted to eat a raw bliss ball (I did not). But thankfully there was a Doughnut Time near by that was attached to a little bar/coffee shop for us to sit in to chat for a few more hours. Finding a coffee shop open on a Sunday afternoon was surprisingly difficult!

I had a lovely time catching up with Nicole, who is now back in Toronto, and also with Brendan and Diana (who live north of Brisbane).

Lost Boys Fortitude Valley - 649 Ann Street, Brisbane - (07) 3172 8073

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Cat in a box

Cat in a box!


  1. Oh bummer, I thought this place was supposed to be loaded with vegan dishes... Do you know of any decent places around Bulimba area? Also, do you have a fave Vegerama or are they all similar?

    1. I was expecting a lot more vegan options as well! I know there is CocoBliss and Bulimba, and also there is now a Mirchi, which is an Indian place that has a vegan section on the menu. There is Grill'd as a standby. And a couple of Thai places that can do vegan options as well.
      Vegerama West End is nice and sit down, but the food can be a bit hit and miss and not good desserts. The Queen St Mall foodcourt one has nice things, but very food courty!

  2. I totally know what you mean about not feeling cool enough. There were so many places in Seattle where I felt that way! I'm glad you were at least able to find something tasty!
    I adore cats in boxes!

    1. My cats aren't big on boxes. They sniff them, but are largely uninterested. We can never have a YouTube empire!

  3. Ah Nicole lives in Canadian Vegan Heaven ;) I used to live in a city about an hour from Toronto and every time I go home for a visit, I tell myself I'll make a point of making it up there to try all of the amazing food options and haven't yet.
    Vegan & gluten-free waffles??? I have yet to see these anywhere!
    Too bad your burger came with cheese and it took them so long to correct it. This tends to make me not go back to places like this :/ Sounds like it was good overall though.
    What a cute kitty in a box!

    1. Yeah, I don't know that I'll be rushing back there. I would like to try the waffles without the coconut ice cream though!

  4. I am always afraid that vegetarian places won't have enough vegan options, which I think people think I'm crazy when I voice that opinion! XD I don't know, if you are going to be a vegetarian place, stock up on some fake cheese at least, there is bound to be someone who is lactose intolerant!

    1. I know! The funny thing is they are all about being carbon neutral and stuff, and that is why they don't serve 'processed vegan cheese', and yet they serve dairy, which is very bad for the environment!

    2. *rolls eyes* I can make some fake cheese in my kitchen! I think people overthink how most vegan foods are made.

    3. Yeah, you can make vegan cheese pretty easily. Even a nice cashew cheese spread would have been great!