Friday, 30 October 2009

VeganMoFo #18: Sydney - Saturday shindigs

Argh! Somehow yesterday totally slipped my mind for my blogging... I don't know how or why, I wasn't actually doing anything else really! And then I almost ran out of time today, so now I am posting late at night and tomorrow I shall have to post twice to make my 20 post quota!

Anyway, back to the happier times of Sydney. Saturday morning dawned and I was SO happy because I was finally going to have brunch at Naked Espresso! Then I was going to go to the Sydney Vegan Bakesale and meet Mandee and buy lots of food... or so I THOUGHT! Until I found out that some climate change protest had taken the spot and turned our bakesalers out... so they could make an ice sculpture and sell sausages!! *sigh* But, all was not lost! Read on...

We trundled on down to Naked Espresso to watch the lovely Leigh in action and order some fuds. Here is the list of breakfasts:

Brendan ordered the Builder's Breakfast, which is a joke Leigh suggested one fateful day that has since become a wildly popular brunch item. It is a pie (plain, mushroom or pepper) with a vanilla slice. Brendan had the pepper pie and I tried a wedge - delicious! Not sure how I feel about this first thing in the morning! (OK, I admit that my brunch wasn't actually first thing in the morning, I had had a pre-brunch breakfast before I left... I get really hungry you know... hee).

Diana ordered the Bacon, Lettuce, Avocacado and Tomato sandwich (BLAT), which is her favourite. Doesn't it look just great? The bacon is Redwoods.

I ordered the Aussie Feast, which was three slices of smoked tofu (I love smoked tofu), baked beans (not out of a can either - hurrah), has browns (mmm.... potato goodness), mushrooms (delicious), two slices of sourdough toast with Nuttelex and also some spinach, tomato and pumpkin. Hey, where are those last three?

Oh, there they are - they were under my bread! It is a great breakfast, everything is so tasty - nothing oily or bland here! But I was having one of my super hungry days because about 30 minutes later I was starting to feel peckish again!

Leish ordered The Morning After, which is the same as the Aussie Feast except that it has two Redwood sausages instead of the smoked tofu.

Now I mentioned that I was sad the bake sale was canceled as I was looking forward to meeting Mandee. However, Mandee wisely also had decided that brunch was an excellent plan!

A CupcakeKitteh and a dimsimkitty together at last! It is always great to meet people in the non-cyber world. :)

Mandee also very thoughtfully brought me some goodies from the bake sale! Gingerbread, Banana Split and Chocolate PB cupcakes! There was also a gingerbread horse, but his head fell off so I didn't photograph him in case it disturbed young children. All were DELICIOUS! Plus Mandee also got me onto some vegan 100s and 1000s, so now I've been eating fairy bread like it's going out of fashion!

After brunch we took a stroll around Newtown and then headed back to Di and Brendan's to get ready for their housewarming/Sydcoat shindig that night. The shindig was great, and I was able to catch up with even more Sydcoats and also a friend from work who moved to Sydney a while ago! Awesome.

The theme was BBQ, so us vegans had some Sanitarium sausages, marinated mushrooms and an awesome retro rice salad provided by the lovely Mim!

Leigh also brought some spare pies from work, and I had a mushroom one. Delicious! Alex, one of the omnis, liked them so much he took one home! And so the day ended on a glorious note of friends and food... bliss!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

The third cat of the Brendan/Di household is Wesley. He is younger than the others and is a real little scamp. His nickname is Kitten.


  1. I wish I could have joined you on your trip. *drools*

  2. That all looks delicious, and pie for breakfast? Awesome!

  3. That food looks so delicious.

  4. oh climate change activists, don't cook meat! :o( :o( :o(

    I love Naked Espresso!

  5. Brunch! You and Mandee are v. cute, especially your My little pony shirt ;)

  6. I just had lunch but now I want brunch thanks to all the photos!

    And hooray for meeting :) I'm glad we still got to meet up and that you enjoyed the cuppies!

  7. The Naked Espresso brekkies look good, must get there one day!

    Glad you liked the rice salad, it's a favourite from my childhood. I like making it myself because I can put in as many damn cashews as I like! (Mum never put enough and we used to fight over them LOL)