Monday, 12 October 2009

VeganMoFo #8: Recipe Round-Up - Vegan Cooking For One

I seem to be doing a run through of recipe round ups at the moment from different cookbooks. I'll have to try to do something different next post! A big shout out to all the awesome vegan geek chicks out there - hurrah for geeks. ;)

The book I am rounding up today is Vegan Cooking for One, a book full of recipes for the single vegan who wants to cook different things each night without having to divide ingredients or having buckets of left overs. I find the serving sizes are very large, so often decrease the amount of rice or pasta called for so I don't explode.

Pasta e Fagioli seems to be a staple recipe in most of my cookbooks. And why not - pasta, beans and a fresh tomato sauce... what's not to love? I decreased the amount of pasta the recipe calls for (in fact, that goes for any recipe here that has pasta in it). I give mine a liberal sprinkling of nooch too!

Mediterranean Bean and Tomato Stew is a nice, warming dinner but the flavour lacks any real depth. I find that quite a lot of the recipes in this book tend to the bland side, so I would suggest seasoning liberally with whatever suits your tastes! It was quite nice with some lovely wholemeal bread with Nuttelex on it.

This was yummy. Green beans, carrot, celery and onion with tofu in an almost gravy like stew seasoned with lots of sage and pepper. Oh, it is called Tofu and Vegetable Stew.

Macaroni and Vegetable Stew is a rather comforting dinner. I decreased the amount of pasta but even so there was still almost too much! The vegetables are leek, carrot and potato.

This is called just Macaroni Stew. Again, decrease the amount of pasta! This one is a bit bland, I think some tomato paste would go really nicely here to make it tastier. It is still quite satisfying though.

I have saved the best until last! This is Caribbean Rice and Beans, which is one of the best things I have had from this book. It is essentially brown rice, black-eyed beans and coconut milk with some seasonings, which sounds pretty plain but is just incredibly delicious! The recipe calls for quick cook brown rice, which I cannot get up here in Brisbane (I could in Sydney). I cheated and used the 90 second microwave rice, though I didn't microwave - I just put it in the pot and used a little bit less of the coconut milk. I served it with a very straight forward saute of zucchini and cherry tomatoes, plus some salad. Fantastic!

Cute Kitty Post of the Blog

Dim Sim has a shoe fetish. She really likes my velvety ballet flats, and is often found snuggling up to them. She also loves thongs! That's flip flops, for the Americans reading - she does not have an underwear fetish! She loves to sharpen her claws in them. Cute!


  1. Sounds a good idea that book, living alone the recipes in most books usually yield 3 or 4 times too much and i end up halving it so I only have 1 day of leftovers.

    everything looks good though and dim sum is so cute!

  2. Those recipes look pretty good and I love the kitty picture.

  3. I love the idea of a cookbook for one, because Chris hardly ever eats my meals so I always have left overs!

    I really like the sound of coconutty rice, mmm!

    And I laughed at DimSim and your shoes, Maya likes shoes and socks!