Wednesday, 28 October 2009

VeganMoFo #17: Sydney part two - Friday's mains

When I left you yesterday, we had just finished our large order of delicious friend entrees and salads and waiting for the main courses...

Mock Chicken with Curry Sauce - This was great. A sweet and slightly spicy curry sauce, so yummy. You can also get the Fried Tofu and the Mock Beef with this sauce.

Mock Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce - I am normally not a huge fan of sweet and sour, but this was quite good. Sour with just a hint of sweet, not that horrific sweet and sticky stuff that normally comes with sweet and sour. The sauce also comes with Fried Tofu.

Mock Squid with Lemon Grass and Vegetables - Hmmm... Ummm... OK. So, probably best to skip the mock squid. It is kind of rubbery and gross. Di ordered this in a fit of exceptional braveness. Unfortunately, the lemon grass sauce is ridiculously hot and she doesn't handle chili well. Be warned! You can also get the sauce with Fried Tofu, Mock Chicken and Mock Beef.

Mock Meat with Combination Vegetables on a Hot Plate - Nice and simple, with a great tasty sauce. But be warned - may contain some freaky mock prawns. Sorry, I am just not into mock prawns! You can also get this with tofu and mushrooms instead of the mock meat.

Fried Tofu with Mushroom Sauce - This was my pick and was announced the WINNER of the table! The sauce is crazy good - salty, mushroomy goodness. Drink it up goodness! Mushroom sauce also comes with Mock Chicken, but I think the tofu is the winner.

And then there was NOM! What a great dinner it was, I highly suggest you go and check it out if you are in the area. The only downside, and rather annoying thing, is that while the main part of the menu is vegan the desserts are not. This sort of thing does make me annoyed - how hard is it to buy some soy ice cream instead of dairy and some agave instead of honey? They say they can make some of them vegan, but what they mean is they will leave out the ice cream and will give you just a banana fritter on its own.

Not fancying deep fried fruit we decided to take a stroll up King Street. Some of the kids went for gelato, but Di and I went up to Naked Espresso with Leigh (who is now a part owner - hell yeah) and bought some of Leigh's Vanilla Slice to take away!

And it was delicious! The funny thing is that Leigh doesn't like vanilla slice and has never actually tasted her masterful creation, which is SO scrumptious! And was excellent enjoyed on the sofa with a gaggle of Sydcoats passing the laptop around and generally geeking out!

Then there came the sleeping, to prepare for another day of nomming the next day!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

This is the adorable Fray, the second of Brendan and Di's kitties. Fray is a fraidy cat, and his main activities include hiding out in the wardrobe. He does come out and give some snuggles with time though!


  1. Ooooh yummy. This place sounds great - mock meat heaven.
    I know what you mean about not serving vegan dessert. It's not hard.
    Cute kittie photo.

  2. The mains look great, especially your tofu dish. How annoying about the desserts, but at least Naked Espresso was nearby!

  3. Mmm, I like the look of the mock chicken in curry sauce and I am totally with you on faux prawns and even fish, it's just not for me!

  4. yeah, mock squid is just creepy

  5. I haven't tried Vina. Next time I am in Sydney I must give it a go.

    Is it very wrong of me to like mock squid and prawns?

  6. Wow, awesome eats! I never had mock chicken.