Sunday, 30 November 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookie Fest!

Ah yes, more chocolate chip cookies. They really are that ultimate go to cookie of awesome, are they not? Anyway, hot on the heels of last weeks Isa's Chocolate Chip Cookies, I decided to try another recipe I'd been reading about on blogs. I was reading what the lovely Becks had to say over at I am not a rabbit, and her delicious experiences with Dreena Burton's Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. And seeing as I had an entire eight hours off from work during the day on Saturday (oh, luck me!) I thought a batch of chocolate chip cookies was just the ticket.

And here they are! Once again, the dough was not super thick. But as the recipe didn't mention anywhere that it shouldn't be, I didn't worry too much. I baked the cookies for 11 minutes as requested, and they were indeed a golden colour when I removed them. They were also very soft when I took them out. This tends to happen, then I tend to pop them back in for short amounts of time and hope I don't accidentally over do it leading to the crispy cookies syndrome. Not that crispy cookies aren't great in their own right, but sometimes you want chewy. This time I decided to go with the recipe, and so took them out. They remained very soft and melt in your mouth evenwhen cooled. And were definitely handle with care cookies. I prefer my chocolate chip cookies a bit crisp on the outside but chewy on the inside, so next time I will definitely bake for a few minutes more.

But yummy! The Sunday crew at work also really enjoyed them today as well.


  1. I might try Dreena's recipe too, as I made the PPK ones this weekend and I found them to be SUPER oily. I must have the chocchippings.

  2. It happens with so many of the cookies I make that the dough ends up quite runny compared to what the recipe says it should be. When I made the chocolate chip cookies from The Joy Of Vegan Baking they just ran into each other to form a massive baking sheet shaped cookie.
    These ones didn't spread heaps in the oven, so they kept their shape and behaved quite well.

  3. Interesting! I hope you weren't too disappointed with them >:o(
    I've made these three times now (In a week! OMG!).
    1st time~ dough too stiff, had to add more oil and maple syrup. But the cookies were crisp outside, chewy inside. Perfect.
    2nd time~ I added extra oil and maple syrup from the get go and my cookies ended up soft (but yummy).
    3rd time~ practically know the recipe off by heart now, used the wrong flour though, cookies still came out perfect.
    I think my results have been variable because I'm not a very precise measurer! Oh, and I whisked the oil and maple syrup together with a fork (which makes it combine and go thicker)before adding it to the flour~ it doesn't say to, I just like the way it mixes!
    And I have never timed anything properly in my life! My eyes and nose are my kitchen timers >;op
    (todays word verification is 'torcat'!)

  4. Your cookies look perfect! I made these a couple of days ago and I also cooked them for a couple of extra minutes.