Monday, 1 December 2008

Family Night Funsies

I live at home with my brother and my parents - I know, how very Gen Y of us - and Monday night is family night in our house. We all get together and eat and talk and do whatever.

Tonight I made Eggplant And Chickpea Kibbeh from Vegan Planet. It's a layer of sauteed eggplant and pine nuts sanwiched between a spiced bulgur and chickpea mix. It was really rather good!

I served it as suggested, with hommus thinned with a bit of soymilk to make it a bit saucier. I made the hommus from a recipe in The Complete Vegan Cookbook (the hommus component of the sandwiches with hommus and tomato culcumber salsa - I made the entire thing last year and it is amazing!) and thinned it out. It was still quite thick though, I didn't want to make it too runny or dilute that marvellous taste too much. I also served it with some steamed broccoli, because you can never have too many greens.

After dinner we put up our Christmas tree. Yes, that is right happy people! It is now December, so I can now officially acknowledge that Christmas is coming upon us. Hurrah! It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, Gizmo became entranced with the tree and started rubbing her little nose all over the lower branches. Then she started trying to jump up the trunk! Naughty kitty cat. Cute kitty cat. As it is we don't put any ornaments dangling from the bottom brances. It is just too tempting for a certain little red cat named Sahara.

In any event, here is our angel:

She's a bit lopsided, but she always is. When she's not swan diving off the top of the tree that is. Something she does with surprising frequency!

After dinner we had the most ridiculous dessert. It was one of those things that you cobble together to make something decent out of a cookery malfunction. However, I am going to leave that to the next post, as there is quite a fun story behind it!


  1. We always put our tree up on December 1st. For some odd reason none of the kitties this year have even glanced at the tree let alone tried to do anything to it (although Charlotte pee'd on one of the presents under the tree last year, so this year they're staying in the cupboard until Christmas Eve when she's in bed :P).

    I love your swan diving angel!

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  3. We had an angel that looked just like that on our tree at home, I'm not sure if Mum still has her though. I will not be decorating because my girls would love to tear down something as sparkly and dangly as a Christmas tree and decorations!