Saturday, 1 November 2008

Happy 12th birthday to Gizmo!

Yay! Today is Gizmo's 12th birthday. Though I cannot believe my love is 12 years old! She was only 4 when I got her. Time is going far too quickly for my liking!

I found her the perfect present a while ago, and today it came out of hiding in the closet! She *loves* it. Observe...

It is a super duper 'Cuban Catnip' heart. Gizmo adores catnip. Which puts her in the 50% of kitties who have receptors for catnip. Not all cats will react to it. Gizmo doesn't go crazy on it, what she does love to do is to lick it and chew it and sniff it. And this stuff is strong - you can actually smell it! Imagine how much fun she must be having with it.

It says 'Lick Me. Bite Me. Bunnykick Me.' Bunnykick... hee!

So happy birthday to my marvelous girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Gizmo! (she's just beautiful!! and I agree, the time goes way too fast doesn't it?). My Charlotte likes catnip, it makes her happy and she purrs. Toby on the other hand starts running from one end of the yard to the other with his big tail all fluffed up. It sends him off with the fairies!

    (PS. Sorry if this posts twice! I was having internets problems).

  2. Happy Birthday gorgeous Gizmo! I am glad she enjoyed her present :)

  3. Bunny kick - LOL!
    Happy Happy Birthday Gizmo!!!
    None of my kitties like Catnip - I grew some in the garden especially and they all just leave it alone!!
    (I feel cheated)

    *rubs belly*

  4. Gizmo says thanks for the love! She accepts love from one and all.

    She's such an attention tart. ;)

    I guess when you are so cute, you can be!

  5. aww, happy birthday gizmo!

    this is such a random question-but where did you get those pretty plates with the yellow rimming?

  6. LOL.. not random at all! I am always looking at people's plates and stuff in photos. I am such a kitchenware tart ;)

    The plates are Maxwell Williams. My mum bought the entire set, and now that I am living at home again they feature a lot in my food porn photos! She bought them many years ago though.

    (Has anyone else noticed that the word verifications are starting to spell semi-words instead of just being random?)