Monday, 10 November 2008

Dinner at Gopals Pure Vegetarian

My birthday was on Friday, and on Saturday one of my best friends took me out to dinner. We went to Gopals Pure Vegetarian restaurant, which is on Sherwood Road in Sherwood.

It's not actually a restaurant, it's more a cafe and take away type place. The food is preprepared and kept in hot boxes or refrigerated sections. It's a fairly small selection, but it is very cheaply priced and very satisfying.

It is not 100% vegan. Every Wednesday is apparently Vegan day, so since I was going on a Saturday I rang ahead to check the availability of vegan food at other times in the week. And yes, they have options. Their curries and dhal are all vegan, not made with any ghee. And also their vegetable koftas and papadums. They have a fair few things with cheese in them as well (such as lasagne - not all is Indian), so just make sure to ask. I think the Malaysian noodles were vegan as well.

We had the $10 special. This involved a plate with coconut rice, a vegetable curry, koftas with a yummy tomato sauce, garden salad and papadum and a drink. The drink choices are lassi, obviously not vegan, and an absolutely devine lemon ginger mint juce drink. OMG... it is so good! Also included in the $10 special is halva with custard - not vegan. So to make up for this I had extra kofta on my plate. It was cheap and yummy.

I would be interested to go back on a Wednesday and see what is involved in Vegan Wednesday, if it means there are more vegan options and maybe some vegan sweet stuff. I shall report when I do!


  1. This little cafe sounds like a diamond in the rough! The koftas, papadoms(which I make) and the vegetable curry sounds like a dream when one does not have the time to cook. I am sure you must have been ecstatic to find it!

  2. i love halva. i make a Raw, vegan version and it's really yummy. i usually eat it as breakfast.

    happy belated birthday!!

  3. Susan, I hope Santa brings you a pink KitchenAid for Christmas! And I bought the mugs @ House, they were in a box of 4 for $29.95. Do you guys have House in Qld? Otherwise I will mail 'em up to you.
    And I hope I get to meet you when you are in Sydney!